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WikiGap Challenge/WikiGapFinder

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WikiGap Challenge

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For WikiGap Challenge 2020 Wikimedia Sverige has had help from the WMF Research Team to develop the tool WikiGapFinder.

The WikiGapFinder helps you discover articles about women that exist in one language but are missing in another.

  • Start by selecting a source language and a target language. WikiGapFinder will find trending articles about women in the source that are missing in the target.
  • If you are interested in writing about women in a particular field, name the field or a woman in that field in the search bar.
  • Click on a card to take a closer look at a missing article to see if you would like to create it from scratch or translate it.

Go to the WikiGapFinder

Tips on searching

If you want to provide language-specific URLs, you can do that like this by changing the t= URL parameter (s= if you want to change the source wiki). Just make sure the campaign=WikiGapFinder is always included.

If you want to give starting examples of using other women to focus the results, here are a few quick ones (seed= parameter):

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