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WikiIndaba conference 2017/Future of Indaba

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This page called "Future of Indaba" wishes to discuss and develop a structure for ensuring the success of organizing WikiIndaba and monitoring to reach its objectives and goals for and after the conference. The main purpose of this section is to however instigate a discourse before and within the conference on acceptable conventions that will guide our activities as an African community and lead the way for a more vibrant, successive and reproductive conference. We hope that people will engage in this process and suggest ways to grow the future of Indaba. Below are some proposed structures gathered from other communities or similar groups that have done this:

Future of Indaba

Indaba committee


A committee that will be responsible for managing the affairs of Indaba and ensuring a successful conference. It will be responsible for measuring the outcome of the conference, gather feedback and follow up to collate the rippling effects of the conference.



The chairperson will be selected from the various teams outlined below, either through a vote or by appointment from the selected members of the various teams outlined.

He/She will be responsible for chairing all meetings, however in the absence of the chairperson, a suitable candidate may be appointed as an interim chair until the chair returns.



The secretary will be selected from the various teams outlined below, either through a vote or by appointment from the selected members of the various teams outlined.

He/She will be responsible for taking minutes of meetings, in the absence of the secretary, a suitable candidate may be appointed as an interim secretary for when the secretary returns.

Logistics and Venue Coordination Team


A team of two (2) to three (3) members selected either by appointment or through Vote.

Involve the selection of the next venue for Indaba through a transparent yet systematic way of choosing the next suitable location. Their work will involve but not limited to scrutinizing proposed budgets or proposed expenditure of the bidding group/team/community.

Learning and Evaluation Team


This includes a lead that is selected either by appointment or through a vote of all African Wikimedians. His/Her work will be aided by a selection from each Usergroup, acting as representatives of their various countries and members of the team.

The various country reps will be responsible for gathering feedback, effects and progress in their countries and reporting to the team for deliberation on how to structure the next Indaba to cover where we lack or what we are not doing right.

Program and Engagement Team


This will include a representation from the Local Organisation Committee (LOC) that organized the previous Indaba, the current Indaba Committee and a representative from the LOC of the future organizing team.

The LOC’s should select either the lead or a suitable candidate of the Program and Engagement Team that hosted or is yet to host Indaba.

The current Indaba committee should constitute a selection of two (2) to three (3) member team appointed or selected through a vote of all African Wikimedians.

Scholarship Team


Constitutes a team of two (2) to three (3) members selected either by appointment or through Vote and the resource coordinator of the LOC to organize the upcoming WikiIndaba.

Select scholarship participants through a transparent process.

Local Organisation Committee (LOC)


Cost Management


Expenses tracking and cost control, processing invoices, set up actual cost overview and ensuring expenditure aligns with budget and avoids overspending.

Logistic Coordinator

Hotel and Ticket Management

Research, Solicit quotations, Hotel negotiations, Airfare negotiations, Airfare reservations, Hotel contracting, Hotel reservation etc.

Conference Venue Management

Making Agreements and reserve location, Location contracting, Check technical & equipment needs, Communicate technical & equipment needs to location manager, Agreement on final room setting and schedule, Communicate final room setting and schedule, Create location signage concept, Create room plans & schedules, Set up / Dismantling, Manage location team on-site

Catering Management

Catering negotiation, Catering contracting, Create complex nutrition plan, Communicate participant number to caterer, Manage caterer on-site

Resource Coordinator

Participants Management

1. Registration
Define criteria for eligibility to participate, Set up concept for registration form, Create registration form, Create checklist for registration management process, Open registration and send invitation, Checking and managing incoming registrations, Transfer registration data to master sheet, Close registration, Adding participants on meta, Communicating with participants, Participants registration on-site, Participants support on-site

2. Visa and Insurance Management

Check Insurance Criteria/ Process, Create invitation letter templates, Collect necessary documents (letter of invitation, foreign travel health insurance, copy of registration of association of the organizing country, copy of identity card from Executive Director), Manage internal approval docs for visa applicants, i.e. creating and sending invitation letters

Volunteer Management

Define requirements, Call for volunteers, Set up volunteer team and define tasks, Set up an information package, Create schedule


Updating meta, sending mails (information, reminders etc.)

Program and Engagement Coordinator


The Program and Engagement Coordinator is responsible for the content of the conference program. The Program Coordinator will decide on the main tracks (themes) and goals for the conference and engage participants and other key people in order to fill the tracks with sessions in suitable formats . Input from participants is important because the sessions are then more relevant to them and they are motivated to work towards solutions during the conference. The Program and Engagement Coordinator will invite speakers and see if and how facilitators are needed in each session. Also the Program and Engagement Coordinator will monitor the success of the program during and after the conference, collect feedback from participants and analyze the effectiveness and results of the sessions to see if desired outcomes were achieved.