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Date: 7pm UTC 25 March 2020


  • 10 min - Debrief of first fully public meeting
  • 5 min - Action items from January
  • 10 min - What can be done for covid-relevant topics?
  • 10 min - Plans for article invites?
  • 5 min - Translations of existing articles (or abstracts)


  • Debrief of first public meeting
    • Positively received (>30 turnout)
    • Jitsi had severe connectivity problems
      • Next time will revert back to zoom for such large meetings
      • Maybe contact Jitsi directly?
    • Purpose of open meetings?
      • General update and intro to wikijournals concept
      • Discussions on ideas with assoc editors, authors, revieres, public
    • Initially, open meeting every 3 months (replacing closed meeting)
      • See if that works and change frequency if necessary
      • If becomes necessary, could set aside 15 mins for board-only business
  • Action items Jan
    • ACRL 2021 application on hold until know whether/how it’s happening
    • Other conferences may be moving online, so could be opportunity to present
    • WikiJMed applications to SCOPUS+PMC complete
    • Volunteers requested to assist in Web of Science application
    • List of additional indices available?
  • What can be done for covid-relevant topics?
    • Things happening in psychology
    • Note Wikidata:WikiProject_COVID-19 virology, epidemiology, publications etc.
    • Angelo’s material:
    • Translations of articles published in other journals
    • Ideas floated at WP:MED
      • Could invite external peer reviews of core COVID articles (would be of a specific oldid but would likely be relatively rapid - would that be useful?)
      • Could invite external authors to contribute articles on corona-related topics that are still stub/start (any topic ideas)?
      • Could invite external contributors to help out on the core covid articles (but they'd need significant MEDMOS guidance)
      • We've previously experimented with 'partner articles' that go into more detail than appropriate on a WP page (similar to Gene wiki reviews, example) would one be useful for any covid-related topics?

Action items[edit]

  • Wiki Rapid grant to support travel to a meeting - (Eric can submit; several meetings possible)
    • ABCT 2020 Philadelphia
  • Covid action:
    • Investigate interest in publishing peer-reviewed translations (e.g. to/from Chinese) (Melanie, Roger)
  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting (Kelee)