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WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" WJM, WikiJMed, Wiki.J.Med., WikiJMed, Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal WikiMed, Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

WikiJournals publish a range of article formats. These include broad review articles that become Wikipedia pages (either written from scratch, or adapted from existing Wikipedia pages), focused review articles that may be used to update just one section of a Wikipedia page, multimedia articles that are used to enrich Wikipedia articles, and original research articles. Integrating suitable information into Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia projects) improves the accuracy of the encyclopedia, rewards authors with citable, indexed publications with much greater reach than traditional scholarly publishing, and increases participation in Wikimedia projects.

Members of the WikiJournal User Group encompass a diverse range of roles. If you have any specialist skills and expertise you'd like to contribute, there are a number of potential roles to be involved in either on an ongoing or a once-off basis.

Organization, members and community[edit]

General membership

The User Group is open to anyone interested to join as a member (whether you have a Wikimedia account or not). There is no membership fee and all members can vote in journal elections.

In addition to the open email list, we hold several open video meetings each year, and have a number of on-wiki discussion pages. Presentations and posters are also available to check out or share with colleagues.

Journal roles

Journal editors

Editorial boards and associate editors: editorially independent boards that make decisions regarding the journal and its contents, coordinate peer reviews and run most day-to-day editorial activities of each journal.

Administrative board: a group with roles across the journals, including administrative, financial, HR, and creation and/or acceptance of additional journals in the group.


Writers of submitted articles: range from experienced wikimedians to one-off users contributing new content or submitting from other projects to request external peer review. You can submit original research, review articles, or even Wikipedia articles.

You can also translate any articles (or even just article abstracts) into other languages!

Peer reviewers

Peer reviewers: field-specific experts invited by journal editors to give external comment on submitted articles. They are typically not experienced Wikimedians and often contribute only once in their highly specialized role. Whilst most peer reviews are are invited by journal editors reaching out to experts for feedback, spontaneous feedback on submitted articles is always welcome.

Staff roles

WikiJournal Staff

Technical editors: assistant staff who help in back-of-house administration, technical, formatting and time-sensitive tasks to support and assist the editorial boards and associate editors.

Project coordinators: responsible for overseeing the articles-in-processing pipeline to make the peer review process as smooth as possible (one per journal).

Administrative assistant: managerial role, coordinating technical editor activities, managing vendors, and platforms, and handling administrtative paperwork.

Executive Director: executive role responsible for supporting and forwarding the operations of the journal group, reporting to the administrative board and editorial boards.

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Journals in this group[edit]

The WikiJournal User Group is intended to support an expanding group of open access journals focused on various topics.

Journal title Logo Scope Review Abides Indexed & Listed Started Follow
WikiJournal of Medicine
Wiki J Med
Public academic peer review by independent experts ICMJE


ISSN: 2002-4436
DOI: 10.15347/WJM
DOAJ: Listed
SCOPUS: Listed
COPE: Member

Complete list

2014 Twitter
Mailing list

WikiJournal of Science
Wiki J Sci
Public academic peer review by independent experts ICMJE


ISSN: 2470-6345
DOI: 10.15347/WJS
DOAJ: Listed
SCOPUS: Listed

Complete list

2018 Twitter
Mailing list

WikiJournal of Humanities
Wiki J Hum
social science
Public academic peer review by independent experts ICMJE


ISSN: 2639-5347
DOI: 10.15347/WJH

Complete list

2018 Twitter
Mailing list

WikiJournal of Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Wiki J PPB
behavioral sciences
Public academic peer review by independent experts ICMJE


Complete list


WikiJournal Preprints
Wiki J Pre
working paper
Initial checks for misconduct and standards (articles in preparation, or undergoing peer review) ICMJE


Complete list



  • No cost for authors to have their works published
  • Open access for anyone to read, adapt, and distribute without cost
  • Peer review of all articles before publication, by at least two knowledgeable persons for the subject at hand
  • Transparency, with peer reviews and article discussions being open for everyone
  • Engagement, with anyone free to share ideas, contribute to, and edit the journals (though changes to an article's meaning require a new peer review)


User Group
Individual journals


The incoming clicks from the DOI codes of articles amounted to 12,680 per month in September 2022:[notes 2]

  • WikiJournal of Medicine: 6,424
  • WikiJournal of Science: 5,934
  • WikiJournal of Humanities: 323

Articles that are integrated into Wikipedia received further views of 560,000 per month on that site in November 2022:

  • WikiJournal of Medicine: 243,180 (with a further 186,780 from articles with sections from WikiJMed articles)
  • WikiJournal of Science: 181,620
  • WikiJournal of Humanities: 134,460


WikiJournal User Group relies on donations either to Wikimedia Foundation (Donation site), or directly to WikiJournal User Group:

WikiJournal User Group is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization accepting donations through PayPal or credit card.

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  1. Registered in Connecticut, United States, on June 22, 2020.
  2. After filtering out known search engine crawlers.