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User group since: June 1, 2016 Organization type: Non-profit Registered in: Sweden Organization#: 802511-9275 Registered in: Sweden

The WikiJournal User Group (previously the Wikiversity Journal User Group) is a publishing group of scholarly journals that apply academic peer review to their content. WikiJournals emphasize transparency throughout the publication process, from peer review to the final version. Thereby, WikiJournal encourages editors to not only summarize existing human knowledge, but also to build upon it. Also, WikiJournals acquire articles containing media (such as images) to enrich Wikipedia articles.

WikiJournals dual-publish accepted articles to create both a stable, version of record, and also integrate suitable information into Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. It uses an open-access academic publishing model, which scholars and academics may be more familiar with, and so provides citable, indexed articles. It is a non-profit organization and a user group, and is in development for becoming a full sister project.

The mission of WikiJournal is to publish scholarly works with no cost for the authors, apply quality checks on submissions by expert peer review, and make accepted works available on the Internet free of charge, in perpetuity.

Journals in this group[edit]

WikiJournal is intended to be an expanding group of open access journals focused on various topics.


Journal title Logo Scope Peer reviews Abides Indexed & Listed Started
WikiJournal of Medicine
WikiJournal of Medicine logo.svg Medicine
Public academic peer review by independent experts ICMJE
See Details
ISSN: 2002-4436
DOI: 10.15347/wjm/
Pubmed: Not yet
DOAJ: Listed
WikiJournal of Science
WikiJournal of Science logo.svg STEM
(inc. physics, biology,
Intended: Public academic peer review by independent experts ISSN: 2470-6345
DOI: 10.15347/wjs/
Pubmed: Not yet
WikiJournal of Humanities
WikiJournal of Humanities logo.svg Arts, Humanities,
Social sciences
Intended: Public academic peer review by independent experts ISSN: Not yet
DOI: 10.15347/wjh/
WikiJournal Preprints
WikiJournal Preprints logo.svg Unified article submission Articles in preparation, or undergoing peer review for publication in one of the other WikiJournals No No 2017
Journal scientifique libre Not yet Science None yet Not yet Not yet 2016

WikiJournal of Medicine[edit]

WikiJournal of Medicine is a scientific journal in medicine and biomedicine. It is an open access journal with no publication cost for authors. It was started in 2014. All included articles have been peer reviewed by medical experts. Edits to accepted journal articles may be reverted if they are not merely technical in nature, since changes to the main text may require renewed peer review.

WikiJournal of Medicine abides by several journal guidelines:

WikiJournal of Science[edit]

WikiJournal of Science provides students and instructors at or near the college or university level with concise articles that are focused to specific levels of education. It does not plan to publish scientific research or discussions on how to teach. While editors are committed to having each article reviewed by at least one person familiar with the subject, this is not a traditional peer-reviewed journal.

This journal can accept submissions from any Wikimedia sister project, or even abridged versions of such articles. Each published article is available in both editable and uneditable forms, including a PDF format that is convenient for off-line viewing or paper-copy printing. The CC-by-SA license places well over 5 million articles in this journal's "in-box".

Journal scientifique libre[edit]

A possible French language Journal scientifique libre (Free Journal of Science) was proposed in 2015 and is still under discussion.


You can contribute to WikiJournal in many ways, including those in list below. More specific information can be found at each journal, such as at WikiJournal of Medicine/Contribute.

  • Publishing an article in any of the journals
  • Peer review of article submissions. Further instructions can be found in corresponding pages for each journal:
  • Outreach to potential article authors, including:
  • Many scholars have written theses that are not published, but could very well fit into a journal.
  • Also, the project can be presented to students, such as participants in Students are often required to complete a research project as a part of their studies, and these journals provide them a potential means of getting their projects published.
  • A poster is available to advertise Wiki.J.Med File:WJM_Poster.pdf

Stay updated[edit]

Important updates to the project are added at the talk page. You can also participate in email conversations about the project by expressing your interest at the talk page.

Other sources:

Other updates of WikiJournal of Medicine: External mentions, Facebook, Twitter

WikiJournal Council[edit]

The WikiJournal Council consists of users who participate in common interests of the journals at Wikiversity. Members of the WikiJournal Council also direct the creation and/or acceptance of additional journals in this group. Discussions should take place on this Discuss page or at the public mailing list at Membership in the WikiJournal Council is not a requirement to contribute to WikiJournal or any of the included journals, even as a journal official such as a board member.


WikiJournal Council membership is voluntary, that is, for no financial gain. WikiJournal Council members should not disclose the identities of pseudonymous participants of WikiJournal. You should be familiar with the bylaws of WikiJournal. You should keep yourself updated about what is happening by adding at least the main Discuss page to your watchlist and subscribe to the public mailing list at

The application is made as an entry at this Discuss page. Please, include a short description about yourself in your entry, including any Wikipedia or Wikiversity involvement of yours, as well as any relevant academic experience.


  • No cost for authors to have their works published
  • Peer review of all articles before publication
  • Editability directly online, by anyone, but changes to the meaning of any text or media generally needs a new peer review
  • Transparency, with peer reviews and article discussions being open for everyone
  • Open access for readers, without any cost
  • Copy allowance, with freedom for anyone to copy and redistribute published material

See also: Bylaws.

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