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Date: 2019-12-18 @4pm UTC

  • Thomas Shafee
  • Bryan Hilderbrand - MediaWiki stakeholders
  • Alec Smecher (orcid) - OJS Lead Developer
  • James MacGregor - PKP Strategic Projects and Services
  • Kevin Stranack (orcid) - PKP Strategic Projects and Services

PKP = Public Knowledge Project
OJS = Open Journal Systems


  • Following-on from last meeting
  • Points of contact needed between OJS and WikiJournals
  • Next steps needed to prepare for development


  • Three likely points of contact with Mediawiki: Wikidata, Wikijournals, Wikicommons
  1. Wikidata
    • Article metadata passed OJS ↔ Wikidata (example)
    • Mainly moving from OJS → Wikidata
      • E.g. handling editor identity, peer review dates ongoing
      • E.g. doi, volume, page etc upon publication
    • Some information may move Wikidata → OJS
      • E.g. possibly ‘main topic’ might be updated in Wikidata?
      • E.g. populating list of eligible handling editors from Wikidata query?
      • These are probably less important
  2. Wikijournals (currently on Wikiversity)
    • Preprint/draft passed OJS ↔ Wikijournal  (example)
    • Reviewer comments passed OJS → Wikijournal  (example)
    • Version of record passed OJS ↔ Wikijournal (example)
  3. Wikicommons
    • Images passed OJS → commons (example)
  • Exact system may differ depending on where article first submitted
    • I.e Preprint first on WikiJournal or submitted straight to OJS
    • Most journals using OJS also have OJS handle the front end
    • Counter-example is those using Fiduswriter
  • Article and review content OJS ↔ Wikijournal
  • Editable articles via VisualEditor within OJS?
    • Parsoid & VisualEditor may be useful for editing interface even within OJS
    • Require some version of shim to integrate with OJS
    • Documentation seems minimal currently
    • Would make articles and review comments directly editable within OJS
    • Useful, but probably note core requirement
  • Single login/authentication would be ideal
    • Wikimedia uses OAuth
    • Example existing case is WikiEdu dashboard
    • Not necessary to track provenance of all edits to Wikimedia item
      • E.g. if Wikidata user updates ‘main subject’ items
    • Cindy Cicalese would be good contact (PluggableAuth, OpenID Connect, SimpleSAMLphp)
    • Ryan McGrady & LiAnna Davis would be good contact (WikiEdu dashboard development)
  • All info should have copy on Mediawiki servers if possible
    • Robust to future developments or decommissioning
  • Grants to submit to Wikimedia Foundation:
    • 1) Development of new features (one-off expense)
    • 2) Ongoing hosting of OJS instance (ongoing expense)

Action Items[edit]

  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted (Thomas)
  • User stories for different start points with screenshots if possible (Thomas)
    • Submitting from WikiJournal site as preprint
    • Submitting from Wikipedia as preprint (possibly via wikijournal intermediate)
    • Submitting straight into OJS without touching WikiJounals first
    • Published version also integrated into Wikipedia