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WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" WJM, WikiJMed, Wiki.J.Med., WikiJMed, Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal WikiMed, Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>


Date: 2019-11-29 10pm UTC

PKP = Public Knowledge Project
OJS = Open Journal Systems


  • What WikiJournals are aiming to achieve (unique features)
  • Summary of current back-end limitations and manual steps
  • How OJS software might improve/solve any of these


  • The aims of a Wikimedia front end for article drafting and publication:
    • Transparency and record-keeping
    • Micro-versioning and contributor records
    • Compatibility with Wikimedia ecosystem
  • The aims of an OJS back-end:
    • Workflow simplification and automation of currently manual steps
    • Avoid reinventing wheel where possible
    • Reduce learning curve for editors
    • Reduce reliance on closed source tools (e.g. google forms)
  • OJS has core capabilities that would be able to replace several of the time-consuming back-end steps of WikiJournal article management. E.g.:
  • OJS article tracking is private by default (login-enabled), but could be made open via custom API or similar to deposit/update the information on an open wiki.
  • Contact between OJS and wikimedia likely
  • Wikidata could be a very useful central point for OJS to deposit info about WikiJournal articles during their processing in order to transparently keep open info on e.g. handling editors, peer reviewers, peer review urls, peer review submission and author response dates etc.
  • Text (e.g. peer review content) would likely still be posted to Wikimedia discussion page
  • Wikidata capabilities may generally aid OJS (sidetrack)
    • Intro to Wikidata using examples of Scholarly article, Author, and Topic
    • Use of Wikidata items for translation
    • Intro to Scholia for visualising that data
    • Mention of Wikiproject:Source Metadata and WikiCite as logical points of contact and possible interested parties for collaboration
    • OJS may be interested in:
      • depositing article metadata into Wikidata
      • using Wikidata ontology for standardisation and translation
  • OJS can be installed locally or hosted by PKP
    • Benefit of PKP-hosting includes maintenance and updating by specialists (more robust)
  • Some use-cases and examples will better define what APIs would be necessary
  • Grants to support development by PKP/OJS +
  • I've corrected the URL for OJS in the previous WikiJournal meeting's minute (here)
  • Introduction via Lianna Davis (WikiEdu)

Action items[edit]

  • Put together some example user stories (Thomas)
  • Confirm topics discussed to WikiJournal User Group (Thomas)
  • Organise additional meetings on A) WikiJournals-OJS and B) Wikidata-OJS