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WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" WJM, WikiJMed, Wiki.J.Med., WikiJMed, Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal WikiMed, Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

Minutes originally drafted in Google doc and copied here after 48 hours


Date: 11pm 2 July 2019 EST


Ran out of time before full agenda finished (marked ‘X’)


  • Mailing list for members interested in technical aspects
    • Please add Eyoungstrom to thread
    • + Felipe to technical meeting list
  • Sister project application
    • WMF board to meet February 11/12th of 2020
      • What can be improved before Feb 11/12 to make project as likely?
    • Sum up the main arguments against the project proposal
    • Clarify the potential of the project in relation to the strategic direction
  • WMF Community_Wishlist_Survey_2020
  • Thematic Organisation application
    • Additional question added by Affcom & responded to
  • How best to advertise the $1,000 available for technical editor role?
    • Test having set amount per task (e.g. typeset manuscript = $100)
    • Transparent about recording what was done
    • Monitor how fast pool of money is used up to estimate future grants
    • How to avoid exploitative practices of ‘microtasks’?
  • Expansion and streamlining
  • Standardised Data on Initiatives - Update
  • Added after meeting:
  • Dimensions and Altmetrics badges and readcube indexing
    • Info from Director, Global Publisher Business Development
    • No tracking of user data
    • Dimensions badge use free with indexing (freemium for additional analytics)
    • Altmetrics badges GBP640-800 per journal (for up to 50 articles per annum)
    • On-wiki test page
    • Readcube indexing is free if we can set up automated FTP of articles

Action items[edit]

  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted
    • This Google Doc will be emailed to the boards immediately (Thomas Shafee)
    • Its contents will be posted to a public wiki page after 48 hours to give time for any additional notes to be added, and any private info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting (Kelee)
    • Thinking of wikijournal as a friendly place for free-softwaretarians (people who don’t eat proprietary software or closed-source software)
    • Future agendas, meeting notes and such on-wiki?
  • Contact OJS (Thomas)
  • Explore how other parts of Wikimedia Foundation advertise, recruit and pay people for work in an inclusive way (Working group)
  • Create test extension for inter-wiki transclusion (Felipe)