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Date: May 7, 2020 7AM


  • 10 min - Debrief of last meeting - Welcome any new members
  • 5 min - Action items from March
  • 5 min - New technical editor
  • 5 min - Processing times for articles
  • 5 min - Next public meeting?


  • Article questions when submitted from wikipedia (wp:JAN).
    • Quality of a Good Article and whether it meets the standards of WikiJournals.
    • Authorship of articles- who owns original WP version.
      • Edge cases- idea of someone submitting a well written article as their own.
      • Current requirement would be to make significant improvements first
    • Structure of Wikipedia styles and discipline specific styles, broadness and specificity of disciplines.
    • Importing articles from Wikipedia and exporting articles into Wikipedia, can be part of the broader concept: can import a smaller section for WikiJournals.
    • Can check authorship of different sections of WP page using ‘Who wrote that
  • New Technical Editor- User:Masssly.
    • Highly competent wikimedian
    • Thomas has met with him on Jitsi to run through summary of processes
    • Discussion of appropriate compensation.
      • Strongly wish to avoid exploitation
      • Wage was listed on application, but was not negotiated
      • $1000 available
    • Payment options:
      • Per hour
      • Per task
      • Per year (retainer)
    • Need to discuss this with larger group
  • Discussion of Thematic organization and being a Sister project
    • Still in process, no recent contact
    • Likely Covid has disrupted work patterns
    • Thomas to recontact and check on progress
  • WikiJMed has not yet hit 25 relevant items
  • Spike in submissions during last month (link)
    • Angelo requests assistance in learning ropes on review coordination
    • Also offers to assist in maybe making video clips
    • Maybe use videowiki for those videos for editability
  • Looking to slowly improve wikidata annotation (example) and integration
    • Eventually automate tracking table

Action Items[edit]

  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting public (Kelee)