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Date: 12pm UTC, 12 June 2020
Location: Zoom link (id: 146572445)
Collaborative note-taking: gdoc


  • 15 mins - Presentation, summary & update of the current project status
    • WikiJourals update background and update - Thomas Shafee (slides)
    • Listing of WikiJournals on indexing services - Angelo Basteris (slides)
  • 40 minutes - Discussion, questions, ideas & feedback open to all participants
    • What are the best ways to grow?
    • What other publishing formats might be useful?
    • Other methods of Wikimedia engagement?


slides for first 15 mins (Thomas and Angelo)
recording starting 10 minutes in
  • 7 articles published this year
  • 35 articles in current pipeline at various stages (link)
  • 5 editorial applications in need of comment (link)
    • As of 15 May 2020, I notice that Dr Amelia Buttress has been accepted to join the Editorial board of the WikiJournal of Medicine. I’m not sure how to add her to the private email Editorial board.
  • Surprisingly many smaller indexes, especially open ones, to apply to
  • What are the benefits of seeking indexing?
    • Discoverability (some people search indexes directly for journals and articles)
    • Audit/verification (many indexes have entry requirements that demonstrate reputability)
    • Special case: Web of Science calculates impact factor
  • For growth
    • Increase audience
    • Increase submissions
    • Increase ‘prestige’/value/reputation
    • Perhaps the Journals could, as a beginning, start a YouTube Channel, be on LinkedIn?
  • Are WikiJournals Reliable Sources for citation within Wikipedia?
    • Need for journals to be considered “WP:RS” to be cited (last conversation on topic within WP was >1 yr ago)
    • For wikipedia pages adapted from a WJ article, an attribution/explanation template is used at the top of the references section
  • Comment:
    • AWARE is a really important word...I would say raise visibility. I have been in science for a really long time, and had never heard of these projects before being contacted. I have some ideas that might raise visibility, but they might take resources. I'll wait until everyone else has stated ideas.
    • awareness->acceptance->reputation->prestige?
  • Is there budget to support people to presentat at conferences?
    • 2020 budget via ‘rapid grant’ only $2000
    • Scope to make 2021 budget larger (via ‘Simple Annual Plan Grant’)
    • National/regional wikimedia chapters may also have some budget to support
  • Work with Wikipedians in residence?
    • Roles in coordinating partnerships between institutions and wikis (Description, Network)
    • E.g. Cochrane and Wikipedia are strategic partners
      • WikiJMed, logical additional co-partner?
      • Make formal contact with Wikipedian in residence Jennifer Dawson
  • Wikispore
    • Space for experimental wikis (FAQ)
    • WikiJournals tests
    • STARDIT contributor descriptions tests (relevant to both wikijournals and other journals)
  • Video information
    • Creation
      • Focused/short presentation video needed to explain to new people
      • For twitter, youtube, sharing, introducing ideas
      • Remember, youtube is not just a host for videos, but basically a widely used search engine. What do we want to come up when people search for relevant terms?
    • Curation
      • author-submitted supplementary video
      • video abstracts
  • Blogs/podcasts/interviews?
    • Pete Forsyth blog & [ YouTube channel]
    • Wikipedia Weekly
    • Open Science podcast

Action Items[edit]

  • Copy these minutes from the google doc to metawiki within 48 hours (Thomas Shafee)
  • Record a video to introduce people to WikiJournals (Thomas Shafee- probably) if we write a script, several of us could help produce a video
  • Pete to follow up with Thomas (?) about a brief interview for YouTube
  • Communication strategy - social media team (Kelee Pacion can lead the planning)