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The project has received funding for hiring a technical editor (Grants application: WikiJournal 2019), amounting to $1.400 (assuming $400 being redirected to the technical editor role from social media outreach).

Hiring process[edit]

The hiring process will consist of first looking among current board members and associate editors for appropriate candidates. If this doesn't lead to choosing a technical editor, then it will be advertised externally. Any candidate will be interviewed, wherein all WikiJournal participants may suggest questions. 2-3 people will volunteer to screen applicants, with summaries sent to all editorial boards. The technical editor will then be hired based on consensus among board members. That person will begin editing with a limited budget, and the result will be evaluated to make a decision of whether to proceed in the same manner.


Following is a draft of the employment contract of a technical editor:

Employment agreement[edit]

WikiJournal employs the Employee in the capacity of Technical editor, which duties shall include those set out in the Responsibilities section below, and any other such duties as may be required by Employee from time to time upon the following terms and conditions:

  • Editing submitted articles to WikiJournal, after acceptance:
  • Copyediting, including image formatting and checking reference formatting as well as attributions to creators for images.
  • Preparing and uploading the pdf version of articles
  • Generating DOI codes (Digital Object Identifiers) for accepted articles
  • Assisting in arranging peer reviews of articles submitted to WikiJournal, by regularly checking the potential upcoming articles, and offer assistance to peer review coordinators at least in articles with delayed progression. Such assistance may be in organizing lists of names, credentials and emails of potential peer reviewers.
  • Keeping a record of tasks performed and how much time was used for each task, to be presented monthly to the administrative board of WikiJournal.

In consideration for Employee's service, WikiJournal shall pay the Employee $5 per hour (may become raised in the future), payed within a reasonable time upon receiving the monthly report from the Employee.

Duration of contract

The contract shall commence on ________ and shall continue in effect until the total compensation has reached $1400 (280 hours).


The Employee must keep the confidentiality of works, author or peer reviewer identities, or other privileged information unless permission has been granted to disclose such material or information. The Employee must not retain such works for personal use.

Scientific misconduct

The Employee should act in accordance with the policies of WikiJournal, as described in the Bylaws and Ethics statement of WikiJournal. In case the Employee suspects scientific misconduct or undisclosed conflicts of interest, the Employee should inform the editor-in-chief or an editorial board member of the affected journal.

Additional tasks[edit]

If having deeper technical experience, the technical editor could help out in tasks such as:

How to apply[edit]

Applications are entered at: Talk:WikiJournal User Group/Technical editor. An application is an entry that should contain:

  • Name and username of the applicant
  • Qualifications for a job as technical editor, such as education and experience in publishing and/or technical processing.
  • Also state: "I confirm that I will act in accordance with the policies of WikiJournal."