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Ksour (plural, singular: Ksar) are fortified villages located in the Southern regions of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia.
They are key components of the Maghreb region heritage, as they genuinely illustrate the local culture and social system, as well as traditional construction materials and techniques. However, most of Ksour are nowadays unknown, given the lack of media coverage, and even worse, most are endangered (In Morocco, for instance, ¾ of Ksour are run-down).


WikiKsour is a project that tends, using Wikimedia platforms and tools, to trigger Ksour safeguarding and development, through:

  • Providing general information to public, in order to raise awareness and promote tourism in the Ksour.
  • Providing technical information to professionals, in order to encourage scientific research about the Ksour and facilitate renovation/rehabilitation projects.