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A new tool to listen to Wikipedia using QR codes![edit]



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Sawtpedia: Giving a Voice to Wikipedia Using QR Codes

What Is Sawtpedia?[edit]

A generated QR code for a Wikipedia article (could be related to a monument, a museum collection etc..) that once scanned by a mobile device allows the user to listen to the Wikipedia page (if available) in the mobile phone's language.

Deployed at toolforge.org, Sawtpedia generates a QRCode related to a Wikipedia article that once scanned will fetch the Wikidata item for that article and then open, if available, the audio file from Commons for the Wikipedia article in the mobile device's language using the Wikidata property "P989 spoken text audio". If the audio recording does not exist on Commons, Sawtpedia will try to generate an audio from the lead of the Wikipedia article in the user language using gTTS Text-to-Speech System.

A joint development project of Wikimedia Tunisia, Wiki World Heritage and Data Engineering and Semantics Research Unit from University of Sfax.

Why Sawtpedia?[edit]

Main Goals:

  • Provide a better user experience for visitors who are scanning the QRCode
  • Foster content creation of Wikipedia articles, WIkidata Items and Audio Files on Commons (Worth noting that the audio files can be used to promote content accessibility e.g. Wiki Blind Community)
  • Provide a tool for future collaboration with GLAM institutions


  • User: Yamen
  • User: Csisc

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