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A separate wiki space where full detailes of the wiki member can be added. They may include Pic there short history by themselves, birth place, home town, ther interests and many more things. It would be like a chain linkes as there details would redirect to information stored on wiki server, eg home town delhi, then clicking on delhi will link to details about delhi on wikipedia and many more lins like it. and moreover the people profiles will be available on google search engine so that peple find it easy to know the details of the person searched for . just like an directory. well the profile may contain orkut profile link,facebook link, IM dettails and many more things... Surely its gonna be a success as people will find it very easy to know and search for a particular person on google and get the details and make a contact with them.. well this idea came to me and i pen it down..

Vipul.dhunna 14:52, 20 September 2009 (UTC)Vipul Dhunna (

This looks like Meta-Wiki user pages. --Nemo 10:13, 2 August 2010 (UTC)