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A WikiSalon is a gathering of people interested in wikis. A WikiSalon is distinct from an Edit-a-thon, a Wikidojo, and other wiki-related gatherings in that it emphasizes unstructured time for spontaneous collaboration and/or discussion, of an intermediate level of organization between a Meetup and a WikiCon.

The idea is similar to Wiki Wednesday but WikiSalons are not limited to Wednesdays. GLAM Cafe is another similar concept, with a focus on the intersection between wiki and GLAM institutions.


Must have[edit]

  • Decent supply of power outlets and seating
  • Relatively quiet and peaceful atmosphere that allows loitering
  • Free wireless access

Should have[edit]

  • Food and drinks freely available or for purchase
  • Easy access to public transportation

WikiSalons in specific areas[edit]

New York City[edit]

Wikimedia NYC has held bi-monthly and then monthly WikiSalons since January 2008, first being branded as a "salon" in 2009:

San Francisco Bay Area[edit]

Launched April 2016:

Washington, DC[edit]

Wikimedia DC has held monthly WikiSalons since 2013:

early brainstorming, perhaps outdated


Zorba's Cafe

  • Large upstairs with power outlets
  • Not sure about the wireless situation
  • Convenient location (just above north exit of Dupont Circle Metro) on 20th Street
  • No idea if they allow loitering, but it was surprisingly quiet there on Sunday afternoon


  • Free wireless
  • Seating can be annoying
  • Power outlets can be annoying
  • Find a quiet location or two that might work well?

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