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Group photo of Wikipedia 10th celebrations in Bangalore.
Wikipedia 10th Anniversary celebrations at Kannur.
The Chapter and Offline participation

In India, women have been involved in leadership roles within their chapter and have had a presence at international Wikimedia related events. Bishakha Datta, who serves on the Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation is from India. Nitika Tandon from India is the consultant, participation at Wikimedia Foundation. There are several women who have started participating as members. Noopur Raval is volunteering as Delhi Special Interest Group Chair of Wikimedia India.She has participated in GLAM Camp Amsterdam. She is one of the most active Indians involved in trying to do GLAM work in India. Two Indian women participated in Wikimania 2011. Currently, there are no women on the board of Wikimedia India. Women editors from many Indian language Wikiprojects attended the first National Wikiconference held in India. There was a separate session in the conference led by Bishakha Datta for discussing gender gap and related issues.

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Wikipedia 10 Mumbai attendees
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Wikipedia is relatively popular in India based on Facebook data. There 30,420 women from India liked Wikipedia on Facebook.[1] In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikipedia was ranked the 7th most popular site in the country.[2] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 1.9% of all Wikipedia traffic was from this country.[3] Indian visitors account for 3.7% of all visits to English Wikipedia.[4] Indian women are mentioned on English Wikipedia, with some of these articles being very population. On English Wikipedia's Women's History Wikiproject, the most popular November 2011 article about an Indian woman was Indira Gandhi, ranked 30th overall with 166168 views during the month. Rani Lakshmibai is the second most popular article on the project about an Indian woman, 106th overall with 77977 article views. On English Wikipedia, there are 114 articles women in politics and 10 articles about Indian women mayors. Netball is one of the most popular women's participation sports in former and current Commonwealth countries. There are 1 category and 3 articles about netball in this country on English Wikipedia. There are 0 articles about women's basketball teams in this country on English Wikipedia. On English Wikipedia, there are zero featured articles, featured lists or good articles about women's sport in this country that are part of the Women's sport Wikiproject or the Women's football taskforce. There are 229 articles about models from this country on English Wikipedia. On Spanish Wikipedia, there are 6 articles about models from this country. Despite this Indian women do not appear to have many leadership positions on English Wikipedia. In December 2011, elections were held for English Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee. No women from this country ran for Arbitration Committee and there are currently no women from this country on the Arbitration Committee. On Aragonese Wikipedia, there are 2 articles about female actors from this country.[5]

Indian visitors make up a noticeable percentage of several non-English Wikipedia projects including 5.9% of all visits to Simple English Wikipedia, 86.5% of visits to Hindic Wikipedia, 60.5% visits to Tamil Wikipedia, 88.1% of visits to Marathi Wikipedia, 66.3% of visits to Malayalam Wikipedia, 79.5% of visits to Telugu Wikipedia, 17.0% of visits to Bengali Wikipedia, 6.1% of visitors to Urdu Wikipedia, 79.3% of visitors to Kannada Wikipedia, 76.1% of visitors to Gujarati Wikipedia, 15.3% of visitors to Nepali Wikipedia, and 7.6% of visitors to Kapampangan. [6]

List of India women ODI cricketers and List of India women Test cricketers areEnglish Wikipedia Featured Lists about women's cricket in India. This status is the highest assessment type on English Wikipedia for a list.

Chak De! India is a Good Article about an Indian film featuring the national women's field hockey team. This assessment is the second highest assessment available to articles on English Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia/Wikimedia Kolkata 2nd meet up was held on saturday 15th January, 2011.

In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikinews was ranked the 29,913th most popular site in the country.[7] A December 2011 search on English Wikinews for India Women found 62 articles that mentioned both words.[8] A December 2011 search on Spanish Wikinews for India mujeres found 20 articles that mentioned both words.[9] A December 2011 search on Portuguese Wikinews for mulheres Índia found 13 articles that mentioned both words.[10] A December 2011 search on Arabic Wikinews for لهند النساء found 0 articles that mentioned both words.[11] There are no female administrators on English wikinews from this country, nor are there any women from this country who are English wikinews accredited reporters.

Differences in accounts on Kashmiri wiki projects where users explicitly state their gender.

On English Wikisource, there are no female bureaucrats from this country.[12]


In December 2011, Wikiversity was ranked the 33,239th most popular site in the country.[13] Wikiversity is not a place where Indian women have a large footprint. There are no women from this country involved in leadership roles on English or German Wikiversity. Their participation is minimal to non-existent. There are no Indian universities using English, Portuguese or German Wikiversity as a place to encourage students to do original research, and this means few female Indian students using the project.


In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikibooks was ranked the 3,217th most popular site in the country.[14]

Other projects

There are no women from this country who are administrators on incubator and no active women editors from this country. The project has few participants overall, with only 44 users identified as female and 516 identified as male.

The Foundation

Wikimedia has made India a priority. Despite this, during the 2011 Summer of Research, none of the eight research fellows hired by the Foundation came from India. Instead they came from the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Japan. During the December 2011 WMF fund raising appeal, an Indian woman and man were featured as part of the appeal.