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Flag of Netherlands.svg Netherlands[edit]

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Chapter gathering for Wikipedia's tenth birthday.
Number of articles and number of visits to Wikibooks in several languages.
The Chapter

The board of Wikimedia Netherlands has two female members: in the past, they had a female chair and several toher female board memebers. The employee of the Dutch board is female and women have been active in helping GLAM projects in the Netherlands. Freelancers are hired sometimes to help organize events: a female organized the 2011 GLAM Camp in Amsterdam from this position, an international event with over twenty different countries represented. Another helped organizing Wiki Loves Monuments and a third led the fund-raising campaign in 2010. Woman volunteers and members participate in the Dutch Chapters events on a regular basis.


In December 2011, there were 1,660 women of all ages from the Netherlands who were interested in Wikipedia on Facebook.[1] In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikipedia was ranked the 8th most popular site in the country.[2] [3] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 1.5% of all Wikipedia traffic was from this country, with 59.2% of the traffic going to Dutch Wikipedia.[4]

On English Wikipedia, there are zero featured articles, featured lists or good articles about women's sport in this country that are part of the Women's sport Wikiproject or the Women's football taskforce. There are 51 articles about models from this country on English Wikipedia. On English Wikipedia's Women's History Wikiproject, the most popular November 2011 article about a Dutch woman was Anne Frank, ranked 20th overall with 191639 views during the month. There are 5 articles about women's association football clubs in this country on English Wikipedia.
Five (known to be) women hold active admin rights on the Dutch Wikipedia: one of them also holds steward rights.


In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikibooks was ranked the 2,365th most popular site in the country.[5]

Other projects

There are no women from this country who are administrators on the English incubator and no active women editors from this country. The project has few participants overall, with only 44 users identified as female and 516 identified as male. There is at least one male bureaucrat from the Netherlands on MediaWiki.Org. There does not appear to be a Dutch female who holds a similar position.[6], one Dutch female Wikipedia-nl admin is also known to be a global sysop.
There are two females with OTRS access.

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