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Wikipedia is Also a Woman - collage by Lantuszka (woman of course)
The Chapter

The Board of Wikimedia Polska currently comprises one woman, Agnieszka Kwiecień, as its Secretary (since 2007), Małgorzata Wilk is a member of the Audit Committee, Magalia and Ala_Z are members of the Grant Committee. There are currently no women in the Internal Court.

Jadwiga Andrychowska-Biegacz was a member of the Board in the years 2005-2007 and a member of the Grant Committee in the years 2006-2007. Ludmiła Pilecka was a member of the Grant Committee in the years 2007-2008, Małgorzata Wilk in 2009-2010, and Ala_Z in 2011. Aleksandra Zieleźny-Skolik and Małgorzata Miłaszewska - Duda were members of the Internal Court in the years 2007-2010.

Wikimedia Polska was founded by 26 people, 4 of them were women (15,4%) and 3 of them are still in the Association. Out of 107 current members (2012-01-26) there are 10 women (9.4%), but all of them are really active in various organisational works.

Wikimedia Polska has 2 regular employes - secretary and accountant - both of them are women.

Ala_Z was the main organizer of 2 subsequent Wikimedia Polska conferences (2009, 2010) and also 4 local Wikipedian's meetings in Warsaw. Magalia was one of the main organisers of 10-th anniversary of Polish Wikipedia and also co-organised several local Wikipedians' meetings in Poznan. Lantuszka organised a women-oriented wikiworkshop during the Wikimedia Polska Conference 2009. Jadwiga Andrychowska-Biegacz was the main organiser of the Wikimedia Polska Conference 2008.

On 8 subsequent Wikigrants edditions 12 of 92 (13%) grants were given to the woman: Loraine (4 grants), Ludmiła Pilecka (4 grants), Psychology, Dobromila, Magalia, Pleple2000, and LillyM (1 grant).

Differences in accounts on Polish wiki projects where users explicitly state their gender.
Estimates the satisfaction levels of editors based on a set of responses to the Editor Survey in April 2011

In December 2011, there were 5,740 women of all ages from Poland who were interested in Wikipedia on Facebook.[1] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 2.4% of all Wikipedia traffic was from this country.[2] In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikipedia was ranked the 9th most popular site in the country.[3] There are 11 articles about women's basketball teams in this country on English Wikipedia. There are 10 articles about women's basketball teams in this country on French Wikipedia. There are 14 articles about women's association football clubs in this country on English Wikipedia. In December 2011, elections were held for English Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee. No women from this country ran for Arbitration Committee (English Wikipedia) and there are currently no women from this country on the Arbitration Committee (English Wikipedia). In pl wiki 5 former members of ArbCom are women. On Polish Wikipedia, 340 women transclude the Woman Wikipedia user template on their user page.[4] On Slovak Wikipedia, there are 2 articles about female actors from this country.[5]


In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikinews was ranked the 22,265th most popular site in the country.[6] A December 2011 search on English Wikinews for Women Poland found 15 articles that mentioned both words.[7] A December 2011 search on Spanish Wikinews for Polonia mujeres found 2 articles that mentioned both words.[8] There are no female administrators on English wikinews from this country nor are there any women from this country who are English wikinews accredited reporters. (1 in pl wikinews - 5% - most active user), (5 in pl wiktionary - 19,2%), (14 in pl wikipedia - 8,9%), (9 in pl wikiquote - 37,5%), (1 in pl wikibooks - 7,7%), (1 or 1/2 (M+F) in pl wikisource - 10% - first admin) - all from Poland.[1]


In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikibooks was ranked the 872th most popular site in the country.[9] In 2008, none of the top 60 Polish Wikibooks books were specifically about women.[10]


In December 2011, Wikiversity was ranked the 51,722th most popular site in the country.[11] There are no women from this country involved in leadership roles on English or German Wikiversity. Their participation is minimal to non-existent.

Other projects

There is 10 men and 0 women on the language incubator who use template pl-N (Polish as their native language).[12]

The Foundation

During the December 2011 fundraising appeal, no Poles, men or women, were featured are part of the appeal. During the 2011 Summer of Research, the WMF hired eight research fellows. Of these, only one was female, and she was from the United States. There were four males from American universities, The other researchers included men from a Japanese university, a Swiss university and a Canadian university. There were no research fellows, male or female, from this country.

Wikipedians in Poland - women
  1. If you are not sure, who is a women in these projects, just look on talk pages edits by them and check used verbs.