Wiki Cemeteries User Group/Report 2022

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This is the Wiki Cemeteries User Group report of the year 2022


Wikidata Takes Cemeteries[edit]

The group celebrated the 10th anniversary of Wikidata by organizing a new contest on Wikidata called Wikidata Takes Cemeteries. The contest has been organized in December 2022 with a special focus on Africa due to the data gap in this continent. 294 new items related to Cemeteries, Graveyards, Tombs, and Memorials were been added to Wikidata with the participation of 8 African users.

Wikidata Takes Cemeteries
Wikidata Takes Cemeteries

The group is planning to have this contest organized on a yearly basis as a celebration of Halloween.

Wikindaba 2022[edit]

Members of the groups took part of the regional conference WikiIndaba 2022 in Kigali Rwanda and during one of the sessions of the conference, the member of the group UserːYamen presented the group and the contest Wikidata Takes Cemeteries.

Wikindaba 2022
Wikindaba 2022

Cemeteries documentation on Commons[edit]

  • Continuous documentation of Cemeteries on Wikimedia Commons by uploading hundreds of photos from several countriesː Turkey, Brazil, Rwanda, Tanzania, Morocco, Tunisia..


A Telegram channel is used for the group to facilitate communication between members, accessible via this link.


Wiki Cemeteries User Group, has 34 members (̟+2 new members from last year and ) and numerous individuals have been active on various Wikimedia projects related to cemeteries.