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Wiki Cemeteries User Group is a Wikimedia user group in the process organized by wikimedians interested in the documentation and digitization of images of cemeteries and the spread of that knowledge.


Among our objectives are:

  • Collaborating around the scope of cemeteries with existing Affiliates.
  • Connecting with new partners and editors, specially in the field of traditional genealogy.
  • Understanding cultural sensitivities around the theme of cemeteries (see talkpage).
  • Understanding cemetery culture, including the role of caretakers, specialty items (e.g. flags for veterans, flower wreaths), and so forth.

Possible activities[edit]

People interested in this work live everywhere, and no one person in this User Group is "in charge". Everyone and anyone can coordinate any event and is encouraged to do so. Here are some ideas:

  • Take photos at a cemetery near you and upload them to WikiCommons. Add cemetery maps to WikiCommons.
  • Write a blogpost about a cemetery caretaker.
  • Create a cemeteries WikiProject in your language Wikipedia.
  • Add data about cemeteries into Wikidata.
  • Upload Public Domain content regarding cemeteries into Wikisource.
  • Translate articles about cemeteries into different languages, specially those lesser-known but with historical, cultural or religious relevance.
  • Organize a Wiki Loves Cemeteries event on Día de Muertos.

Activities in 2019[edit]


We applied for recognition as a Wikimedia User Group on July 28, 2019.


Founders of the UG, minutes after deciding to work together.

Interested in participating[edit]

This User Group is open to everyone. Joining is easy. Sign up below!


This User Group will use the standard Affiliates logo unless someone is crafty and wants to create something else. Use the talkpage if you are so inclined.

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