Wiki Cemeteries User Group/Report 2021

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This is the Wiki Cemeteries User Group report of the year 2021


  • The group started a new project on Wikidata "Wikidata:WikiProject Cemeteries" to document cemeteries and generate statistics and display what missing data that need to be added (e.g. coordinate location, images ...).
Wikidata Project Cemeteries
Wikidata Project Cemeteries

  • Development of a website to display different maps and statistics of the cemeteries around the world based on the data available on Wikidata. The website allows to display the following mapsː Cemeteries by Type, Pet Cemeteries, Cemeteries listed or part of World Heritage site, Cemeteries with articles on the English, French, Arabic and Spanish Wikipedia. The website has been launched during the Halloween celebrations and presented during the WikidataCon 2021 and the WikiConvention Francophone 2021.

  • 30th of October 2021ː Participation in the WikidataCon with a session called "The GLAM Underground"ː Exploring the ubiquitous cultural institutions beneath our feet. A look at cemeteries and the historical lives they commemorate, as interpreted through GIS and Wikidata, as well as narrative sister projects. Link ː
Wiki Cemeteries UG WikiConvention 2021
Wiki Cemeteries UG WikiConvention 2021
  • Continuous documentation of Cemeteries on Wikimedia Commons by uploading hundreds of photos and creating new categories (e.g. here, here and here ) with their relevant Wikidata items.
  • 10th of October 2021ː the group took part in the elections to select a representative of the Thematic Affiliates for the Movement Charter.


A Telegram channel is used for the group to facilitate communication between members, accessible via this link.


Wiki Cemeteries User Group, has 32 members (̟+28% increase from last year) and numerous individuals have been active on various Wikimedia projects related to cemetries.