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Wiki Center

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"Ribbon cutting" at Wiki Center LaGuardia Community College Library/ CUNY
A local chapter like Wikimedia NYC can serve as a bridge between the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community and Academic & Cultural institutions, through the Wiki Center and a variety of different programs.

The Wiki Center is a grassroots institution supporting Wikimedia projects and Open Education in the New York City area.

It is a collaboration between Wikimedia New York City (and the Wikimedia NYC Internship Program) and participating partners, notably LaGuardia Community College Library/ CUNY.

This occurs in the context of broader Free Culture Alliance NYC relationships.



The Wiki Center was hosted at the LaGuardia Library during Summer 2010.

There will be regular meetings there between the Wikimedia NYC board/volunteers, the Wikimedia NYC interns, and interested LaGuardia librarians, to help jumpstart and cross-fertilize Wikipedia and Wikimedia-based projects and joint efforts.

The Wikimedia NYC interns are paid a small stipend for each semester that they participate in the internship program.

In addition to Wikimedia project activities, the Wiki Center will also be a resource to the LaGuardia community during this time of residence, holding workshops for interested faculty and students and also providing any general assistance we can in wiki or freeculture-related areas.

In addition, Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors training sessions were also held at the LaGuardia Library.

Since January 2011, Wiki Center activities and office functions have been held through a Wikimedia NYC group membership in New Work City, and also the staging of Wiki Workshops for Newbies NYC in that venue.

Coordination and Interns


Wiki Center coordinators:

Interns for 2009-2010 Academic Year


Interns for 2010-2011 Academic Year