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2016 - Projects and Activities[edit]

Annual report organized by months/activities


  • Edit-a-thon BBC 100 Women - Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo
  • WLM 2016 International Winners Announcement
  • WLO Rio 2016 Winners Announcement


  • MEETING: GLAM: Partnership meeting at Museology Faculty of UNIRIO - 29/11
  • MEETING: GLAM: Partnership meeting at Energy and Sanitation Foundation - 16/11
  • GLAM: Project meeting - Digital archives mapping project - 14/11
  • BBC 100 Women Edit-a-thon - Planning 09/11
  • Workshop - Wiki Educação Brasil - Members editing workshop/trainning - EDX Coworking - Rio de Janeiro 17/11
  • TALK: Wikipédia e Projetos Wikimedia na SEMANA DE INFORMÁTICA 2016 - Universidade Estácio de Sá - Niterói 08/11
  • SAPG Application: Wiki Educação Brasil 2017 H1 Grant application 01/11
  • WLM Brasil 2016 - Winners Announcement 01/11


  • MEETING: GLAM: Partnership meeting at Museology Faculty of UNIRIO - 31/10
  • EVENT/MEETING: ONU Women - Mulheres do Amanhã - Rio de Janeiro - 28/10
  • WLM Brasil 2016 - Final evaluation - 27-31/10
  • MEETING: GLAM: Partnership meeting at Coordination of Press and Communications of the Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Culture - 25/10
  • WLM Brasil 2016 photo filtering - 24-27/10
  • EVENT: Talk/Edit-a-thon at Latinoware - Fóz do Iguacú - 19-21/10
  • MEETING: GLAM: Partnership meeting at Contemporary Art Institute of São Paulo - 20/10
  • MEETING: CCBWIKI Evaluation and plans for 2017
  • EVENT: CCBWIKI - UNIRIO - Rio de Janeiro - 13-14/10
  • MEETING: CCBWIKI - Final pre-event meeting - 11/10/2016
  • MEETING: CCBWIKI - Design and materials production 10/10/2016
  • EVENT: Festival piauí GloboNews de Jornalismo - Colégio Dante - São Paulo 08-09/10
  • Meeting: GLAM Projects and initiatives Planning - Livraria Cultura - São Paulo 2016/2017
  • Edit-a-thon: First Wikipedia Lusophone fact-cheking edit-a-thon - Colégio Dante - São Paulo - 7-09/10


  • EDIT-A-THON - Wiki Health project: Edit-a-thon at the National Cancer Institute - 26/09
  • NEWS/PORTAL TecMundo - Saúde na palma de sua mão - Wikipedia App lançado - 23/09
  • MEETING: CCBWIKI Scientific Committee - 22/09
  • MEETING: Glam Projects and initiatives October - December 21/09
  • MEETING: Wikimedia Foundation monthly meeting - 20/09
  • EVENT: ICOM/COMCOL - Painel Copyright, Copyleft e as Coleções de Museus - ITS/Rio de Janeiro - 20/09
  • TALK: Validação discursiva da informação, controvérsias e pretensões da validade na Wikipédia para alunos de biblioteconomia da UFRJ 19/09
  • Wikipedia Medical App Launch - Portuguese version 18/09
  • MEETING: User Group monthly meeting - EDX Coworking 14/09
  • MEETING: Wiki Health project: Partnership meeting at Coordination of Prevention and Surveillance - INCA - 06/09
  • MEETING: Wikimedia Portugal / Events planning
  • TALK: A Wipédia e a produção e difusão do conhecimento em ambientes digitais - GCI/UFF - 01/09
  • Wiki Loves the Olympics: Paralympics photo contest - 7-26/09
  • Wiki Loves Monuments: Contest - 1-30/09
  • Wikipedia Medical App - Articles improvement / Creation in partnership with Wikimedia Portugal






  • Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2016 - Planning - Grant request
  • First GLAM training for the Immigration Museum of State of São Paulo team
  • Presentation for the Immigration Museum of State of São Paulo about Wikimedia Projects, GLAM and partnerships
  • Meeting with Immigration Museum of State of São Paulo
  • Participation at Wikimedia Conference - Berlim - April 22–24
  • 10/04/2016 - Recognition anniversary - Renewal process (Requested - waiting by final decision)
  • Communications Trainning - Report
  • Radio Interview regarding the O GLOBO publication about Wikipedia's rules and biographies- EBC MEC RJ - 15/04




Learnings in Communication

The second semester of the last year marked the beginning of the communication activities of the group Wiki Educação Brasil. As unknown to the media, we use the Wikipedia brand as the flagship of the our actions because it has greater acceptance by reporters and particularly for being the protagonist of the first wiki brazilian congress, organized by the our group. Consequently the platform was present in most of the notes and guidelines suggestions.

Through the analysis of relevant data from Wikipedia, we began regular contact with the most importants brazilian newspapers and local media (Rio de Janeiro).

In spite of this unfavourable conjuncture that Brazil is experiencing, we have won qualified media spaces such as TV Globo, Canal Futura, O Globo, CBN, Estadão, IstoÉ, G1 and Agência Brasil. Regional and specialized journals in technology have also been reached, such as Diário do Nordeste, O Tempo, Estado de Minas, Gizmodo and Tecmundo.

We suggest, articulate and perform interviews with the our spokesmen Dario Taraborelli (Wikimedia Foundation), Daniel Kinzler (Wikimedia Germany), Luis Alvarez (Wikimedia Mexico) and Rodrigo Padula, Juliana Monteiro, Otavio Louvem, Marcio Gonçalves, Lina Nakata, Carlos D'Andrea and Flavio Gonzaga, members of the Wiki Educação Brasil.

The events that had a wide and positive repercussion in the media were Wiki Medical App, CCBWIKI and Wiki Loves Monuments. In contrast, Wiki Loves the Olympics and Ediathon 100Women Wiki, in partnership with the BBC, were the least impacted in the press.

The manual search collected in the period 89 publications - the most in websites.

The biggest challenge is getting the attention of brazilian reporters, because the press is in crisis, with smaller teams. Our objective is to spread the essence of the wikimedia movement, which can be applied on online platforms and beyond. Wiki platforms are instruments of citizenship and democracy, and that is public interest.