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Wiki For Senior Citizens Network
Senior Citizens Network

Most of the Wikipedia editors in Nigeria are young and middle-aged people. Many edit a thons and other wiki activities are mostly done by participants that are either young or middle-aged. Advanced and retired persons/ senior citizens do not participate in most Wiki activities in Nigeria. There have been different Wikimedia campaigns and programs created to encourage young people and people of different orientations to participate in Wiki activities but there is no such effort to encourage and bring in senior citizens. This leaves a gap as ideas, opinions and concepts differ between senior citizens and other categoryies of persons.

Wiki for Senior Citizens Network is created to fill this gap. We are focused at bringing more senior citizens to participate in wiki activities. We recorgnaaize that senior citizens have more time in their hands and if activated, could be more dedicated and contribute more. Our coming together will also fulfil inclusiveness which is a major goal of WMF. The group is open to collaborations with other organizations to promote Open Knowledge. It is an open membership group available to senior citizens that are literate in the use of digital tools and information technology or at least interested in information technology and willing to learn. Members also should be Committed to knowledge as a service and volunteerism. Members should be senior citizens that are 55 years and above. we also allow other persons who wish to work with senior citizens or happy to motivate us.

Founding Members[edit]