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Wiki loves Africa in Algeria[edit]

Wiki Loves Africa is an opportunity for us; To organise an events for all they have a photos of algeria around the theme of each year. it permit to increase the media content Creative commons of Algeria.

Algeria is an African country in first, she is the biggest country in Africa, algerian culture is a crossbreeding of en:amazigh, african, arabic, othoman and european etc...

especially that it's able to found this in the food, costumes, music and dance.

This contest is naturally destined for algeria.

Why we want to participate for this year[edit]

With simple search on wikipedia english or french even arabic we discover so small quantity of media in commons and allmost 10 articles about dance in Algeria

articles are existent, but without audio or video, we plan to collect through this contest a best media quality and write somme articles.

in the moment this media are uploaded at the wikimedia.commons servers this is our goal. after that; we have time to plan wokshop to create a seeds of articles and why not best articles.


fr:Liste de danses#algérie

Measure of Success[edit]

  • Number of Participants : 30
  • Number of Photo Uploaded 1500
  • Number of New Users: 20

Proposed Partners[edit]

Culturant association in en:Algiers and en:Oran

Local Support/ Participants[edit]

  • Wikipedians based in Algeria and outside Algeria
  • Local photographers
  • Local singer

Team Members[edit]

Possible program[edit]

we will focus our efforts in the region of oran Algeria in collaboration with collaboration of amateur photography association

  • Launching of the Contest to the Algerian Community Tue, 15 Nov 2016
  • organise ceremony Start of Contest, open contest in collaboration with local associations Sat, Dec 03 2016
  • organising (during contest) Presentation / Workshop / excursion Sat, Dec 17 2016
  • organise close ceremony (after result of the jurys) after Tue, Jan 31 2017

The meetings we'll be using the room of our partner


Description Detail Quantity Unit Price Total DZD Rate change 1 DZD = 0,00915290 USD 09/14/16
Communication - Marketing ( Expo photo ) Printing of 15 best photos Format A2 10,00 1 000,00 10 000,00 91,529
Communication - Marketing ( Tee shirt ) with Logo Wiki Loves 30,00 1200,00 36 000,00 329,5044
Communication - Marketing ( Flyers ) for the contest and how to participate 300,00 20,00 6 000,00 54,9174
Reception ( Beverage & biscuit & Water) break for 3 MeetUp 3,00 3 200,00 9 600,00 87,86784
Internet & phone - Connectivity Internet fees for 3 MeetUP 1,00 3 000,00 3 000,00 27,4587
Printing - Diplomas Print Diplomas for Winner 15,00 100,00 1 500,00 13,72935
Gifts (winners) - Awards 1st Camera action 1.00 20 000,00 20 000,00 183,058
Gifts (winners) - Awards (2nd 3rd) Tablettes 3G 2.00 10 000,00 20 000,00 183,058
Totals 106 100,00 DZD 971,12269 USD

Part of the budget funded : 1000 dollars.
We are please to inform you that we have allocated money to support Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in your country ! The entirety of the sum will be sent before the beginning of the contest. Please check out guidelines for next steps on the African ML. Thanks Anthere (talk)