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Wiki Loves Africa 2016/Egypt

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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2016

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WLAf 2016 Egypt[edit]

Measures of success[edit]

  • Number of participating : 20
  • Number of photos uploaded: 600
  • Number of new users: 10
  • 4 months after the contest, 200 of photos are used on wiki projects
  • 4 months after the event, 50 of uploaded photos are categorized as valued, quality or featured

  • Presentation of the the event during the ceremony of Wiki loves monuments
  • 1 workshop about the events and how to participate
  • 2 upload sessions during the entire project phase
  • 2 Photowalks to gather random pictures on the theme



Category Rubric Number Unit price Total USD Notes
Travel Photos walk 2 125 250 rental costs of the bus
Gifts Awards 2 3 225 1st=100 USD
2nd= 75 USD
3rd= 50 USD
Events Final Ceremony [ Distribution of prices and pictures exhibition ] 1 100 100 Local rental and coffee break -
Communication - Marketing Printing of 10 Best Photos 10 2 20
Internet and phone expenses Voice and Data 45
Communication Tee shirts of wiki loves africa 2016 20 8 160
Marketing online ads 10 10 100
Salaries and stipends Stipends for organisers 100
Total 1000

Part of the budget funded : 1000 dollars.
We are please to inform you that we have allocated money to support Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in your country ! The entirety of the sum will be sent before the beginning of the contest. Please check out guidelines for next steps on the African ML. Thanks Anthere (talk)