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Wiki Loves Africa 2024/Organizing team

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International team[edit]

is the facilitator of the Wiki Loves Africa. He is a wise-amateur photographer who has been actively involved with the movement via Igbo Wikimedians User Group. He founded a community for wikimedians interested in contributing free knowledge through Wikimedia Commons.

Florence Devouard has been a wikipedian since early 2002. She is formerly Chairwoman of Wikimedia Foundation as well as a co-founder of Wikimedia France. She cares very much for diversity, international participation, and multilingualism.

So late 2012, she decided to refocus her attention to diversity (or lack there-of) and co-created projects with Isla Haddow Flood with the explicit goal of getting more African editors and more African-related content onto Wikimedia project. In the following years, Florence has conceptualised, instigated and been the co-lead on a number of projects related to Wikipedia and Africa, including as Wiki Loves Africa. In 2017, she co-founded Wiki In Africa, a South Africa based association along with Iolanda Pensa and Isla Haddow-Flood to host some of those initiatives, and ever since then co-lead the association with Isla.

A Zimbabwean by birth, and a Capetonian by adoption, Oxford-educated Isla Haddow-Flood is a writer, editor and project and communications strategist who is passionate about harnessing communication technology and media platforms for the advancement of open access to knowledge; specifically, knowledge that relates to and enhances the understanding of Africa via the Open Movement (and especially Wikipedia). Since 2011, Isla has been working to Activate Africa. Working as a member of the WikiAfrica movement, she has conceptualised, instigated and been the co-lead on a number of projects related to Wikipedia and Africa, including as Wiki Loves Africa. She lives in Simon's Town, South Africa, is the Director of Communication for Open Education Global and co-leads Wiki In Africa.

Romaine has been a contributor to Wikimedia projects since 2003; over the years helping out as administrator of several wikis, GLAM volunteer, publisher of the Wikimedia newsletter This Month in GLAM. He's often fixing template problems, active with bots, and is since 2014 involved with the organization of Wiki Loves Africa. For this photo contest he mostly does on-wiki technical support with templates and the upload wizard, translations, and the CentralNotice banner. You can reach him on his talk page, via email at Romaine.wiki@gmail.com.

user:GuillaumeG - Image clean-up and tools. See Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2022/Images checking

Wiki Loves Africa Ambassadors[edit]

This is an elite group of individuals who will be doing the sensitive task of providing linguistic and administrative support for the Wiki Loves Africa project life cycle. Their tasks include but not limited to:

  • Translations
  • Social media
  • Office Hours to support
  • Training sessions
  • Jury support
  • WLA Website

The 2024 ambassadors are:

Minette is one of Wiki Loves Africa French Ambassador. She is a Wikimedian from Cameroon. She has been an organizer of WLA in Cameroon since 2021.
Ogalihillary is Wikimedian from Nigeria, a member of the Igbo Wikimedians User Group and core team for Igala Wikimedia Community. Hilary was the community lead for IG WIKI-COMMONS HUB in the year 2023.
Mermoze ADODO is a Wikimedian since 2018. Founding member of the Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group, Co Local Organizer of Wiki Loves Africa in Benin 2019-2020, 2021-2022;
Since 2020: Verification and evaluation of images from Wiki Loves Africa, in order to make them more visible and useful on other Wikimedia projects; Image clean-up (categories, description, renaming etc.) and submission of our best pictures to quality and featured status. See Commons:Wiki Loves Africa/WLA images under evaluation.
Alvin Ategyeka, a committed Wikimedian since 2019, is a notable contributor to the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda. For over 5 years, Alvin has actively participated in building a diverse collection on Wikimedia Commons, highlighting the cultural richness of Uganda.
Within the Ugandan Wikimedia community, Alvin serves as a mentor, guiding new contributors to share their unique stories on Wiki Commons. His dedication extends beyond photography to fostering community engagement and cultural representation, making a lasting impact on the Wikimedia landscape in Uganda
Donia is a board member of Egypt Wikimedians User Group. She has been active in Wikimedia projects since 2019. She has founded the Wikipedian Editor Project and has organized the Egyptian edition of many photo contests; WLM 2020 & WLM 2023, WLA 2021, WLE 2022 & WLE 2023.
Ola, a Sudanese Wikimedian since 2018, co-founder of Sudan Community Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan. She is mainly involved around recruiting new user community growth and visibility.
Within the global community, Ola has started the SheSaid Sudan Derive and is a member of Wiki Love Women focus Group which is mainly contributing towards bridging the gender gap on Wikimedia community. Her efforts when it comes to the African community is contributing within the Wiki Love Africa annual Photo contest to motivate more African photographer to join the efforts towards reflecting Africa better and Sudan in smaller scale.
She is also the organizer of WikiGap 2020, WLA2020, WLA2022

Local team[edit]

For local organizers, check the list of participating communities as well as the very detailed page countries page