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Phase I[edit]

Core Team[edit]

Image Name Email Role in Project
Nirmal Dual at Wikimedia Conference 2018.jpg Nirmal Dulal Project Coordinator
Krish Dulal.jpg Krish Dulal Creating and upgrading articles and Identification of Species
Cree Panta Photowalk, Uploading images in Commons and Identification of Species.
Niraj Dahal Photowalk and Identification of Species (BCN).

Other Volunteer Involvement[edit]

Sl. No Image Name Role in Project
1 Wikimedia Conference 2018 by Satdeep Gill 04.jpg Nabin K. Sapkota Social Media
2 Shree Krishna.jpg Shree Krishna Dhital Uploading images in Commons
3 User Bhupendra Shrestha.jpg Bhupendra Shrestha Creating Articles and Uploading images in Commons
4 User Hari Paudyel.jpg Hari Paudyel Uploading images in Commons
5 Wikimedians of Nepal Event 2018-06-24 (20).jpg Saroj Kumar Dhakal Technical Support
6 U5A0808.jpg Nrik kiran Uploading images in Commons
7 मेरो एक तस्वीर.jpg Himal Subedi Creating Articles
8 मेरो तस्बिर.jpg Parbat Subedi Creating Articles
9 WLM international team 2013.jpg Romaine Upload tools (in Commons)
10 Roshan Kumar Ban Uploading images in Commons
11 Vimal Thapa Identification of Species
12 User Sandesh Thapa.jpg Sandesh Thapa Uploading images in Commons
13 Umang Jung Thapa Uploading images in Commons
14 Manshanta Ghimire Uploading images in Commons
15 Prataap Gurung Uploading images in Commons
16 Krishna Prajapati Uploading images in Commons
17 Ananda Shrestha Uploading images in Commons
18 Sanjaya Tha Shrestha Uploading images in Commons

Phase II[edit]

Core Team[edit]

Name Image Profile Role in Project
Nirmal Dulal Wikimedia Summit 2022 Portraits Nirmal Dulal 2.jpg
  • Wikimedia volunteer for last 12 years.
  • Project lead
    • Overall planning of the field documentations
    • Selection of team members
    • Coordination with the team and distribution of tasks.
    • Planning and organization of photo-walks, meet-ups and edit-a-thons.
    • Coordination with local resource persons.
    • Collaboration with other related organizations and birds experts
  • Social media handling
  • Creating Articles
Krish Dulal Krish Dulal.jpg
  • Wikimedia volunteer for last 14 years.
  • Species identification
  • Creating Articles
  • Social media handling
Nabin Sapkota Wikimedia Conference 2018 by Satdeep Gill 04.jpg
  • Social media handling
    • Creation of promotional videos, posters etc