Wiki Loves Literature/Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines[edit]

  1. The main project will be Wikipedia. However, other projects besides Wikipedia like Wikisource, WikiCommons and Wikidata are also included.
  2. Campaign time is July 1 from 00:00 AM to July 31, 11:59:59 PM. Only contributions made during this period will be accepted under this campaign.
  3. Only contribution relating to literature, writers and literary events will be accepted.
  4. A new article can be created on Wikipedia and an old article can be edited on wikipedia while contributing for this event.
  5. A contribution of 3000 bytes or 300 words is required to get 1 point for contributions to a Wikipedia article.
  6. 1 page will also be given for proofreading and validating 1 page each for Wikisource. Similarly, 1 point will be given for adding 1 picture to Commons.
  7. Articles created by purely machine translation will be discarded. Machine translation can be used but it must be linguistically accurate.
  8. Participants who create at least one article will be awarded with an e-postcard.