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Chaitanya Deva listening to the Bhagabata - History of Bengali Language and Literature

Literature is a mirror through it we can see our inner world, feel the pleasure of living. In our modern day hectic life schedule, we cannot take a long breath outside our daily work. Most of us are busy somewhere, unable to think of ourselves as well as others. We have no time to look back for what has just happened to us or around us. Time engulfs us slowly and we can’t help it. The only way to save our mankind is to go to the white, engraving path of literature.

Literature is such a helpful platform where we can take rest and relish our mind. The poems, the dramas, the novels, the short stories of some famous writers of the past and even today's literature rejuvenate us to some extent that we are totally spellbound from it. It shows us how to live a peaceful meaningful life within our day to day busy life. It spreads light to the path of darkness in our inner world so that we can be able to justify ourselves, to enrich ourselves with the wealth of happiness.

Literature is a reflection and echo of our lives, man's hope and aspirations, his dreams and reality, his pain and anguish. There is no feeling, no emotion, no dream, no thought, that has not found itself expressed in prose, poetry, or drama. Every country's literature reflects the life of her people, the nuances of her life, the experiences peculiar to her culture and civilization. What an enriching experience it is to read what the best minds have to offer! We vicariously experience so much of life that will never really be ours. It broadens our mind and vision , taking us beyond ourselves. Whether it is past or modern day, its relevance never ceases.

The overall purpose of Wiki Loves Literature project is to increase the amount of free knowledge regarding available e.g. books and authors of Indic literature and related documentation in Wikipedia and Wikisource and photographs (of authors if possible) in Wikimedia Commons. The WLL project further aims at a broad spectrum of outreach programs, knowledge sharing and interest growing among people about Literature as well as of Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikimedia commons and further Wikiversity and Wikibooks. Apart from that the Wikimedia movement and local communities will gain visibility and impetus through the success of this WLL project.


It's a contest which will run for a month in which various participants will contribute to Wikipedia, Wikisource and Commons.

Project Goal[edit]

The overall purpose of this project is to develop the amount of Culturally relevant knowledge in Literature related articles on Wikipedia. It will lead to creating the research article as well as the standard article. At this point, it's important because currently we don't have any fixed wikipedia research, standard or good article writing policy and under this project, we will fix these policies and guidelines and the project will run under it. This project will include wikipedia and wikisource both projects. Photographs of books and authors will also be included under contribution.

Participants of this project, as we said earlier, are new editors. So they will need to be trained. Some of them know something and some know nothing. So we will arrange a series of workshops for them as per their need. These will be about basic wikipedia editing and advanced wikipedia editing of both types. We also can do a regular meetup every weekend to follow up and resolve their issues and problems either it's physical or virtual.

Project Plan[edit]

Projects includes[edit]

  1. wikipedia
  2. Wikisource
  3. wiki Commons


We will list some local and culturally relevant articles. We will also create the articles on completed books from wikisource. We will involve new editors and train them for quality wikipedia editing. So we are planning at least 2 workshops and weekend meetups.


  • April-May : Communicating with indic and international communities and collecting their opinions about it.
  • June : communicating with interested communities and having conversation with them for if they seek any grant.
  • July : Main Event Month where participants will create/edit article, proofread/validate pages on Wikisource and upload pics on Commons on authors and literature related content.
  • August: Report Writing and Declaration of Winners.


  1. Number of total participants:
  2. Number of articles created or improved (if applicable):
  3. Number of pages proofread and validated on Wikisource (if applicable) :
  4. Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (if applicable):
  5. Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects (if applicable):


  1. Wikipedia Asian Month
  2. Project Tiger

Project Work done so far[edit]

  1. Punjabi event


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