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Wiki Loves Living Heritage/How to register an activity

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How to register an activity


Edit article metadata on Wikidata.

In a nutshell


When you have decided to arrange activities in your local context, follow these instructions to register the activity in the Wiki Loves Living Heritage project. This way it will be featured and archived on the website, the information may be translated to several languages, and it may be promoted through Wiki Loves Living Heritage social media channels.

Where to get support


Contact wikiloveslivingheritage@gmail.com for help.

Step by step


Once you have found your team and are ready to start organizing, you can register your activity at Wiki Loves Living Heritage.

  • Before you start, make sure have a Wikimedia account.
  • Enter page Organizers.
  • Click on the button Add your activity to start adding your activity to Wikidata.
  • A Cradle form opens.
    • Check that you are logged into Wikimedia from the form.
    • Fill in the requested information
      • Labels – Add the title of the activity in all the languages you can. Add the language code (en, fr, es etc.) in from of the title.
      • Also known as – Add possible alternative names here. Add also the languages.
      • Descriptions – Add a description for all languages. It is a short passage without the capital letter in the beginning and the full stop at the end.
      • operating area – The country, city, region etc. where the activity takes place.
      • country – Add also country.
      • instance of – What is it? A festival, a photo contest, an editathon? Choose the closest type.
      • facet of – If the event is related to a specific heritage element, add it here.
      • start time – Add the start date. You cannot add the time in the metadata on Wikidata.
      • end time – Add the end date, of applicable. You cannot add the time in the metadata on Wikidata.
      • point in time (P585) – You can use this property for a single date.
      • organizer(s) – Choose the organizers in the pulldown menus and add as many as you need
      • located in the administrative territorial entity – For events, choose the city or town.
      • street address – For events, add the address, if it is available.
      • location – For events, add the building or site, if available.
      • image – It's always good to have a catching image with your data. Your organization's logo will be used as a fallback.
      • language of work or name – Use this if your activity is in a specific language. Choose the right one(s) in the pulldown menu.
      • has part(s) / part of (P361) – If your event consists of several parts, you can link them to each other with has part(s) (P527) and part of (P361).
      • hashtag – The hashtag to use for the activity in various media, including Twitter.
      • official website – The web address of the activity.
      • Commons category – Category on Wikimedia Commons where documentation will be saved
      • on focus list of Wikimedia project – Always activities of Wiki Loves Living Heritage (Q116637767)
  • When all required information is added, you will see a save button at the bottom of the page. Press it once. When it reappears, your activity has been saved In Wikidata. You may see an "in progress" icon at the top of the page, but ignore it. Your edit has been saved nevertheless.
  • You can return to the Organizers page and refresh the list of activities.
  • You can also refresh the main page activities listing to display your activities.

Where to go next

  • If your event needs an event page, you can create it by clicking on the link in the activities list in the Organizers page.