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Start organizing[edit]

Add your activity to Wikidata

Click on the button below to add your activity to Wikidata using a form. The information will be used to power all displays of your activity and it can be translated to any language. You can include an image, but to include an introductory text, you will need to create an event page.

If your activity already has an item in Wikidata, you can link it to Wiki Loves Living Heritage by adding this Wikidata statement: on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008) activities of Wiki Loves Living Heritage (Q116637767).

Create a country page[edit]

Choose the country below. You can also create a page for a region or a theme. We can help you with that. On the page you can start setting up the local team and activities.

Manage all activities

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Add heritage elements

If you wish to join importing the data of heritage elements to Wikidata, read the How-to or ask for help to work with the national inventory of your country. You can join the Telegram group or email us.

If you wish to include heritage elements that exist in Wikidata but are not part of any inventory or list, you can add maintained by WikiProject (P6104) Wiki Loves Living Heritage (Q116617741).

Publish articles

Showcase your activities in these pages by creating showcases, blog posts, or image galleries. These article will be featured on the main page and they can be translated to any language.

You can also create How-to articles and Best practices. These articles are shown on the Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Get inspired page.

Media kit for organizers

We will make available a media kit for you to make sure your activities are highlighted during the campaign in the best possible manner.

Wikidata tools for events

Translation lists

Article lists are used in translation events and contests. We will make available customizable lists for your events. Make sure the topics you are interested in can already be found on Wikidata. Your help in adding the items into Wikidata is very valuable.

Element lists

Use the element pages to upload media about them to Wikimedia Commons. They are useful in contests and events. There are pages for Unesco elements, individual inventories or countries. You can also create a custom, thematic selection for your Event page.

Important resources