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ICOM new Museum Definition embraces Living Heritage[edit]

International Museum Day brings together museums and cultural institutions from around the world to celebrate the important role they play in our communities. It is a global event that recognizes the contributions of museums to education, cultural exchange, and the preservation of our cultural heritage. It's a great opportunity for people to explore and appreciate the many fascinating exhibits and collections that museums have to offer.

Wikimedia Switzerland coordinates a program of events that focuses on two topics

On 18 May, GLAM digital event kicks off the International Museum Day. The event addresses the new definition of museums and supports the sustainable work of cultural memory in a time shaken by crises. How can objects in collections be preserved and protected for the future? How digital can a museum be in the future?


The project is coordinated by Wikimedia Switzerland and supported by other Wikimedia organizations.

For any inquiries related to the project coordination around the International Museum Day 2023, please contact in German, English or French:

Sandra Becker
GLAM Lead, Wikimedia CH

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