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Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Ideas for activities

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Just add your ideas! More in-depth stories will be added over the course of the year to the Get inspired! page

Events locally and online[edit]

Document living heritage[edit]

  • Create videos
    • Document a skill
    • Record a tale
    • Document a festivity in collaboration with the heritage community
    • Make interviews or publish existing ones
  • Arrange a local photo contest or photo walk to add photos to Wikimedia Commons
  • Document language using the Wikimedia platforms

Share skills[edit]

  • Editathons with safeguarding organizations / heritage communities
  • Living Heritage wiki club
  • Datathons
  • How about cooking classes or crafts lessons?
  • Arrange a webinar and invite participants locally / regionally / globally

Contributions to Wikimedia projects[edit]

Share data and materials about heritage elements on Wikidata[edit]

  • Make available inventory data on Wikimedia projects
  • Upload materials to Wikimedia Commons to be able to include them in Wikipedia articles and other wikis or for anyone to use freely outside Wikimedia projects.
  • Create new writings or republish related articles and with open licenses on these pages where they can be translated to all languages.

Use the data to support contributions to Wikimedia projects[edit]

  • Create pages for a selection of heritage elements to gather resources about them to cater for articles in different languages
    • Enhance Wikidata items about them
    • Read and translate Wikipedia articles in different languages
    • Arrange and locate more images on Wikimedia Commons
    • Upload more images
    • Gather and make available reference material
  • Create thematic / curated lists for translating articles to several languages. Lists of heritage elements can help you to
    • Edit Wikipedia articles around a theme, on your own or at an editathon
    • Find the most suitable images for Wikipedia articles.
    • Upload images related to a specific heritage element with the right information
  • Create your own lists for your events with the set of elements and languages you prefer
  • See the suggestions for microcontributions on wiki work

Write or translate articles on Wikipedia[edit]

  • See the how-to article about translating
  • Make a writing contest / participate in one

Explore projects beyond Wikipedia[edit]

  • Create participatory mapping activities
  • Proofread materials about living heritage made available in Wikisource


Blog posts[edit]

  • Write about your activity and publish the text on this site

Best practices[edit]

  • Collaborate on crafting best practices.