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Just add your ideas! More in-depth stories will be added over the course of the year to the Get inspired! page

Document living heritage[edit]

  • Create a video
    • Document a skill
    • Document a festivity in collaboration with the heritage community
    • Make interviews or publish existing ones
  • Upload archival materials to Commons
    • Work with the heritage communities to redescribe materials
  • Arrange a local photo contest or photo walk
  • Document language using the Wikimedia platforms
  • Create participatory mapping activities
  • Proofread materials about living heritage made available in Wikisource
  • Make a writing contest / participate in one.

Share data, campaign online[edit]

  • Open national inventory data
  • Share materials
    • Share materials online with open licenses
    • Upload materials to Wikimedia Commons to be able to include them in Wikipedia articles and other wikis.
  • Create new writings or republish related articles and with open licenses on these pages where they can be translated to all languages.

Share skills locally or online[edit]

  • Editathon for focal points / communities
  • Living Heritage wiki club
  • Datathon
  • How about cooking classes or crafts lessons?

Enhance data on-wiki[edit]

  • Create pages for heritage elements on these pages to
    • Enhance Wikidata items about them
    • Read and translate Wikipedia articles in different languages
    • Arrange and locate more images on Wikimedia Commons
    • Upload more images
    • Gather and make available reference material
  • Lists can help you to
    • Edit Wikipedia articles around a theme, on your own or at an editathon
    • Find the most suitable images for Wikipedia articles.
    • Upload images related to a specific heritage element with the right information
  • Create your own lists for your events with the set of elements and languages you prefer
  • Use the ISA tool to describe images
  • See the suggestions for microcontributions on wiki work

Online events[edit]

  • Webinar program and channel
  • Upload campaigns

Best practices[edit]

  • Collaborate on crafting best practices.