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Pick a task![edit]

Join fixing things. You can add a task or grab one.

Find easy tasks to enrich the elements

View the living heritage elements. Pick a page with UNESCO inscribed elements, inventories or elements by origin. Find links to the tasks at the end of each page.

Translate the pages

These pages and the heritage items are translated using many different methods. View the page for translating instructions to start translating the information to your language!

Work with data

Work in Wikidata is coordinated at WikiProject Intangible Cultural Heritage. The work contains agreeing about item structures and importing items in the inventories worldwide.

Propose new tasks

If you would like to propose and discuss a task before adding it to this page, you can leave a note on the talk page.

Check UNESCO links

There are lots of broken links to UNESCO pages all over Wikimedia projects.

Use the scheme:[language]/[list]/[number]

For example:

Languages are: English (en), French (fr) and Spanish (es).

Lists are:

Wikimedia projects support team[edit]

  • Organizes the knowledge about heritage element across the Wikimedia projects The data of the UNESCO lists and registers is imported to Wikidata and the work with importing elements from the individual national inventories is starting. It requires both practical actions as well as ethical considerations. The category structures on Wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons need some care and it would be best to do it in a coordinated manner.
  • Supports the Wikimedia community in finding best practices Some Wikipedias make great templates and elements that could be adopted by other Wikipedias. This can be a place to share them. This group can also further ethical sharing practices on Wikimedia projects.
  • Supports newcomer participants in contributing to Wikimedia projects The group can advise project partners on issues relating to copyright on Wikimedia projects.

Communication channels[edit]



Add interests: Wikidata imports, rights advocacy, ethical sharing practices, contests, Wikipedia writing events, cross-project practices (templates, categories etc.), newcomer onboarding or some other interest that you have.

Username / signature Country Languages Special interest
Susanna Ånäs (Susannaanas) 🦜 Finland Finnish, English, Swedish, French Ethical sharing parctices, cross-project practices, Wikidata imports
Ismael Olea (Olea) Spain Spanish, English Content labeling, media upload, Wikidata imports
Bodhisattwa India Bengali, English Wikisource campaigns, Wikidata imports, Media Upload
Kambai Akau Nigeria Tyap, English Wikidata imports, cross-project practices, Wikipedia writing events
Isaacayodele32 Nigeria English, Yoruba Content labeling, media upload, Wikipedia writing events
María Sacristán (María Sacristán) Spain Spanish, English Content labeling, media upload, Wikipedia writing events