Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Translating

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How to translate content[edit]

Edit article metadata on Wikidata.

The information on the Wiki Loves Living Heritage pages is translated in two ways.

Translating the pages[edit]

When a page is not changing much anymore, we will mark it for translation. On the top of the main image on those pages, you see a message prompting to translate the page. Click boldly on the translate link to start translating.

Here is a list of messages that have been marked for translation. It includes page texts, menus and templates that are used to build the pages.

Translating items on Wikidata[edit]

Much of the data is translated in Wikidata, where the information about the heritage elements lives.

  • You can access individual elements on Wikidata by clicking on the Wikidata link in any of the element boxes in the Elements pages. On the Wikidata page, boldly click on the edit button, add the label in your language and save the page.
  • You can find a link to a TABernacle list at the bottom of each list page in the Elements pages. You can use it to translate the labels and descriptions of all the elements on that list.

If a heritage element has a label in your language, it is shown in that language. It is displayed in English if the label does not exist in your language. If you see a Q-code, the label is missing in English as well. Maybe you could add that!