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News archive[edit]

2023-11-08 Living heritage at GLAM Wiki 2023
Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar hopes to bring together different initiatives from around the Open Culture ecosystem to share ideas and best practices. Follow the whole program and tune into activities around living heritage.
2023-10-28 Wiki Loves Living Heritage 2023 in Ghana
Sadik will introduce members from the Dagbani Wikimedia community to Wiki Loves Living Heritage and how they can host local events to document and share Living Heritage together.
2023-10-26 Let's Connect on Living Heritage
Eager to understand the role of "Wiki Loves Living Heritage" and how Wikimedia projects can help safeguard living heritage? Dive into this Learning Clinic and get some tips and tricks from Susanna Ånäs and Sadik Shahadu. Whether you're looking to organize a local "Wiki Loves Living Heritage" campaign or to hear more about intangible heritage and how to preserve it, this is the right choice for you!
👉 What is this Learning Clinic for?

Susanna Ånäs from AvoinGLAM will present the concept of "Wiki Loves Living Heritage" and its role in cultural preservation. Using this as a starting point, she will then break down the key elements of the Campaign, showing the steps required to make this Campaign successful!

👉 What are the Learning outcomes? Familiarize yourself with "Wiki Loves Living Heritage" and how it relates to safeguarding living heritage. Gain practical knowledge about WLLH, including sharing considerations and the broader role of open content initiatives in promoting global cultural diversity.

👉 What do I need to prepare? 🧠

Read about the project on this site on this site

Check out the Wiki work section for things you can do independently.

👉 What is Intangible Cultural Heritage?
2023-09-29 Adding Traditional Knowledge labels to Wikimedia Commons at GLAMHack23 in Geneva
Can Traditional Knowledge labels be added to Wikimedia Commons? What are the challenges? Join us at together with Local Contexts at GLAMHack23 in Geneva!
The Notices are tools for institutions and researchers to identify Indigenous collections and data and recognize Indigenous rights and interests. How can these labels be used on Wikimedia Commons? How would adding them be administered? Who can add a label?
2023-09-22 Wiki Camp: Let's keep living heritage alive
GLAM Macedonia arranges a 3-day event for Wiki Clubs members in North Macedonia. This year's event is international, and it is dedicated to living heritage.
2023-09-08 European photo contest countdown
This week we are celebrating European Heritage Days! Wiki Loves Living Heritage European photo contest has received more than 600 photos – Inspiring example of collaboration between Wikimedia, EHD and LivingHeritage colleagues! Hurry up to participate! 📷
2023-08-09 Wiki Loves Living Heritage on TV in Armenia
Mher Bekaryan from Wikimedia Armenia demonstrated how Wikimedia projects can be used to highlight Armenian living heritage online on the First Channel News of the Central Television of Armenia. Watch on YouTube!
As Armenian living heritage elements are being added to Wikidata, the number of Wikipedia articles related to living heritage is now growing fastest in Armenia. See the page for the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Armenia!
2023-08-03 Wiki Loves Living Heritage goes to Mastodon
Wiki Loves Living Heritage starts publishing in the Mastodon network. Follow us as we settle to our new home at @wikiloveslivingheritage@wikis.world. We will continue publishing on Twitter for a while.
Mastodon is a free and open-source, self-hosted, and federated social network service. The network consists of independent, but linked services (nodes/servers/instances) that communicate with each other. The rules for tolerating different content and behavior vary between the nodes. Wiki Loves Living Heritage joined the wikis.world service created for the Wikimedia community.
2023-07-28 Gopichandra's Panchali transcribed
The entire text of Gopichandra's Panchali has been transcribed and proofread on Bengali Wikisource with around 2500 footnotes added by the editors, thanks to the efforts of User:Nettime Sujata.
Gopichandra's Panchali is one of the many folk songs related to a king Gopichandra, who is said to rule the eastern part of Bengal region around 11th century AD. This পারতিচুলার song was collected from Chittagong region in early 20th century from manuscripts attributed to a poet named Bhabanidas and was edited by Dinesh Chandra Sen and Basanta Ranjan Roy.
2023-07-24 Document living heritage of India in Living Heritage through your lens
Join the photo campaign Living Heritage through your lens to share living heritage of India: folk music and dance, oral traditions, and traditional crafts to celebrate diversity, sustainability, peace and cultural harmony.
The theme of this campaign organized by Contact Base is "Embracing Peace, Diversity and Sustainability" and we encourage participants to capture the diverse cultural practices such as traditional art forms, rituals and festivals which contributes to the rich intangible cultural heritages of India and celebrates the harmonious coexistence of different cultures, promoting environmental consciousness, fostering peace, or any other theme that resonates with you and contributes to the betterment of our society.

The focus of this campaign is not on the competition aspect but rather on fostering a sense of community, cultural appreciation, and knowledge sharing. The rewards aim to celebrate the participants' commitment and passion in capturing the essence of India's intangible cultural heritage through their photographs.

The submission period commences on 24th July 2023 and concludes on 2nd September 2023.
2023-07-15 Wiki Loves Living Heritage contest in Singapore attracted plenty of contributions
The Wiki Loves Living Heritage contest in Singapore, organized in partnership with the National Youth Achievement Awards and the National Heritage Board of Singapore, attracted 1183 images from almost 150 unique contributors in Singapore.
The jury will be selecting the top 10 images by the end of July and the top 3 images will be selected by community voting during Wikimania. The winners of the photography competition will be announced during the closing ceremony of Wikimania (August 19th). Here are the entries that have already been designated as quality images.
2023-07-15 Wiki Loves Folklore winners announced
Wiki Loves Folklore 2023 announces the winners of the global competition. Drawing an overwhelming response from across the globe, the contest received an impressive 38,027 submissions from 2,200 uploaders representing 140 countries.