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Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar at Wikimania/hu

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Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar at Wikimania

Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar at Wikimania is a presentation, a coffee break for getting to know each other and an opportunity to learn about importing heritage elements to Wikidata at the hackathon.

The session at Wikimania

Thursday 17 August, plenary

10:00–10:40 Keynote by Kirk Siang Yeo, National Heritage Board (Singapore)

10:40–11:00 Wiki Loves Living Heritage presentation by Susanna Ånäs and Alan Ang.

11:00–11:15 Bazaar meet and greet on the following coffee break

Get to know Wiki Loves Living Heritage

What you can do

Find contacts in your region

Find your counterparts – Wikimedia affiliates or ICH coordinators – and explore Ideas for activities together.

Can you help organize a Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar in your region?

Explore inventories and elements

See pages for heritage elements on the UNESCO Lists and registers of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the locally maintained inventories as well as country pages that feature all of these plus elements that have been nominated by the editors.

  • See the page Elements on UNESCO Lists and its subpages to view the heritage elements that have been inscribed in the UNESCO Lists and Registers of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • See the page Inventories for a list of all recorded inventories. You can view the elements of an inventory by clicking on the button below the image if elements have been added to Wikidata and if the page has been created.

Add translations and images

At the end of each list page, you find grey boxes with tasks that you can do. Choose the simple tasks to translate inventory or heritage element names and descriptions to you language and to add missing images.

Is your favorite heritage element missing from Wiki Loves Living Heritage pages?

You can add a heritage element, even if it is not listed by an inventory.

  • Search Wikidata to find the living heritage element.
  • Once the Wikidata item is updated, navigate to the page Wiki Loves Living Heritage/Intangible Cultural Heritage of your country name here.
  • Update the the list by clicking on the link "Manually update list" and return to the page when the update is ready.

Help to add your inventory

Read this if you are in charge of the intangible cultural heritage inventory in your area, or a wikimedian able to help.

  • Navigate to Inventories to see if your inventory has been added to Wikidata.
  • If you wish to learn to contribute yourself, read Contributing to Wikimedia as a cultural heritage organization before you start. The Contacts page lists Wikimedia affiliates around the world who will be able to help you in your journey. If there is no affiliate in your country, look for ones in the neighboring countries or internationally operating ones.
  • Come to meet us at the Wikimania hackathon to get an introduction to the steps of importing inventories.

Hack for living heritage

Learn what it takes to import an inventory.

How to feature a heritage element you like.

Join us at the hackathon at Wikimania!

If you would like to help enhance the tech or the data, join as at the hackathon! Read Hacking ideas to get ideas. Add your ideas and results on the page.

Szóval, hogyan tudok csatlakozni?

Önkéntes közreműködők

  • Team up with your closest affiliate and get in contact with the ICH organizations together.
  • Join international volunteer teams on the website, or come to the weekly meetings to talk together about the best ways for your area of interest.
  • Find the Wiki work section, you will find tasks that you can work with independently.

Csoportok és szervezetek

  • Get in contact with one another!
  • Find contacts on the website or let us help you.
  • Share your data and participate with your expertise.

At Wikimania

  • Join the Bazaar on the coffee break! Grab one of the flyers!
  • Meet us at the hackathon to hack and talk! If we are not there, leave a message!
  • Join the online community on Telegram or the weekly meetings!
  • E-mail wikiloveslivingheritage@gmail.com

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