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Wiki Loves Muslim Academia 2024/Instructions

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Participation Guide for Wiki Loves Muslim Academia 2024. Intending to help you understand what you are required to do in order to participate and how?

Do you have an account?[edit]

A Wikipedia account is necessary to participate in WLMA 2024. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one using Special:CreateAccount. For enhanced privacy, we recommend avoiding the use of personally identifiable username.

Participants list[edit]

Ensure your participation by adding your name to the participants' list. Refer to: Wiki Loves Muslim Academia 2024/Participants.

What to contribute[edit]

Create new articles, improve existing articles with no less than 250 words. Newly created articles should not be stubs and must meet START criteria at the least. See this editing guideline for more information.

Take care of the notability criterias and the manual of style specific to the relevant Wikipedia. We have a diverse range of ideal writing topics; kindly take a moment to review: Wiki Loves Muslim Academia 2024/Scope.

Important resources[edit]

Notability, manual of style, referencing and quality of an article matters. Kindly find our recommended resources on Wiki Loves Muslim Academia/Resources.

Categorizing articles[edit]

Check if this template exists locally on the Wikipedia edition where you are contributing. The template should be placed on the talk pages of the articles that you create or improve.