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Wiki Loves Muslim Academia 2024/Scope

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The scope of Wiki Loves Muslim Academia spans a broad spectrum, encompassing Islamic history, significant events, notable personalities and scholars, including traditional clergy and orientalist scholars. It extends to recognize the profound contributions of Muslims across diverse academic disciplines, showcasing literary works both “by Muslims” and those about “Muslims”. Furthermore, the contest celebrates the richness of traditional religious texts, scholarly journals, newspapers, and institutions. This includes a rich tapestry of narratives ranging from religious seminaries to public research institutions, established by Muslims. The canvas is expansive- embracing the depth and diversity of Muslim heritage in various realms.

You can contribute or improve articles related to:

  • Muslim scholars, poets and academicians
  • Books authored about Muslims and books authored by Muslims
  • Islamic theological and cultural perspectives
  • Historical events from Muslim history
  • Any other subjects of relevance.