Wiki Loves Sport 2022/Rules

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Wiki Loves Sport 2022


  • participants must have created the wikiaccount before October 1st, 2022
  • the article can be written in any Wikipedia language
  • the article must have at least 3000 bytes
  • the article must have been written or improved between 5 October, 2022 00.01 and 20 December, 2022 23:59 UTC
  • the article must have reliable sources
  • the article must respect the copyright
  • pages whose content is based only on lists or templates are not considered


The contest is based on the KISS principle, you earn points for writing, translating or improving articles in any language. The final goal for each participant is to get as many points as possible. Pages consisting of lists are not considered in scoring. Any user is responsible for calculate the own score.

  • + 1 point if is a new article with at least 3000 bytes.
  • + 1 point for every 1,000 bytes of added content after the basic 3000 bytes.
  • + 1 point if the article is about a woman or a non-binary person.
  • + 1 point if the article is about para athletes (Paralympic athletes, championships and teams of para athletes).


The scoring and ranking will be made public by 15 January, 2023. The prizes will be distributed at most 1 month after receiving a valid address and other informations needed for the delivery of the gadgets. Based on the total number of points, the best scores will receive gadgets as following:

  • 1° prize: Wikipedia Backpack + small gadgets (stickers || pins || buttons || pens)
  • 2° prize: Wikipedia hoodie + small gadgets (stickers || pins || buttons || pens)
  • 3° prize: Wikipedia t-shirt + small gadgets (stickers || pins || buttons || pens)
  • 4°, 5°, 6° prize: Wikipedia language water bottle + small gadgets (stickers || pins || buttons || pens)