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Parasnath Hill

Wiki Treks Parasnath Hill is an exploration event to be held in Parasnath Hill, Jharkhand, India. This event is inspired by Wikipedia Treks Mountains and Project Korikath. There was a previous attempt in 2014 at documenting Parasnath Hill under Wikipedia Treks Sammed Sikhar but had limited success. Even after 10 years, this previous attempt is a sole source of usable images. This event is Phase 1 of Project Parasnath Hill which aims to cover Parasnath Hill in various Wikimedia projects.

At 1365 m above sea level, Parasnath Hill is the highest mountain peak in Jharkhand. It holds unique geographical as well as cultural importance. The hill is home to the one of the most sacred religious site of Jainism, a minority religion from India. In Jainism, it is believed that in this hill, twenty out of twenty-four Tirthankaras attained a state of mokṣa through meditative concentration.

It also holds spiritual importance to local tribal communities of Jharkhand who identifies it as "Marang Buru".

The aim of this event is capture images/videos of Parasnath Hill, temples and associated places on the hill during a day long trek; and temples and places at foothill the next day. Then upload them to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and Wikivoayge.

This is 27 km long trek and take a day to complete. So, no need to bring hiking equipment, just a digital/mobile camera and a notebook should be enough for the trek. Accommodations are there at Madhuban in the form of Hotels and Dharamshalas, so no need to bring tents and sleeping bag. One need to reach Madhuban the previous day for proper rest and accommodation before early morning trek.

Date: Tuesday, 12 December, 2023

Time of Assembly: 3 am at early morning

Point of Assembly: Bhomiyaji Asthan temple in Madhuban

  • 200 images/videos