Wiki Treks Parasnath Hill/Guidelines

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These are the basic guidelines for the event.

This is 27 km long trek and take a day to complete. One need to reach Madhuban the previous day for proper rest and accommodation before early morning trek.

Guidelines for the event[edit]

What you will need:[edit]

  • If you have trekking shoes, wear it. If not, dont worry. Sports shoes are okay.
  • Wear heavy winter clothing like jackets, socks and headcovers. Wear clothes with modesty as it is religious place.
  • Carry walking poles, if you need.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks. Please keep yourself light as you have to carry all your belongings on this 27km long trek. Some Snacks are available on few stalls setup by local people up to initial few km of trek only.
  • Bring a torch as trekking starts before the dawn
  • A backpack can carry all basic and photography requirements
  • No need to bring hiking equipment
  • Accommodations are there at Madhuban in the form of Hotels and Dharamshalas, so no need to bring tents and sleeping bag


  • Briefing to participants about the purpose and about the trek to be covered
  • Briefing about requirements of the trek
  • Giving list of places to cover and more places as locally fit suitable
  • Upload of images/videos on Wikimedia Commons after completion of event

Photography - Do's and Don'ts:[edit]

  • Bring Digital Camera or mobile camera and a notebook to note the place captured
  • Disable on-image timestamps, credit or other data that appears over-top of images.
  • Empty the memory card or phone memory
  • Click at will. Do not worry about the angles/ nitty gritties of the photo or your camera skills!
  • Learning things about mobile photography online will be helpful
  • Try and take a clear shot of the tonks and temples. From various angles, if possible.
  • Note down the list of places, names of tonks, temples and other landscapes that you photograph.
  • Do not take pictures of people - To maintain a level of decency and also not to breach privacy
  • Remember that all photos will be used for Wikipedia, hence do not include personal photos.
  • Do not take photos/vidoes where it is prohibited to do so. Ask for permission, if required.
  • Do not watermark the images


  • Do not waste time, respect the time limit. Keep your eye on watch as it is necessary to start descent by 2:30pm to end the trek by sunset. After sunset, it is not safe to trek.
  • Do not litter or leave behind any garbage in the mountains. Collect them in a waste bag and when you return to a populated area, dump them in a dustbin.