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Wiki World Heritage User Group/User Group election 2021-2023/Instructions

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Wiki World Heritage User Group election 2021-2023

Important dates




The board will contain 5 members so it can effectively make decisions and hold meetings.
During the first term (2021-2023), the board will be composed of the 3 co-founders + 2 elected members.

Instructions for candidates[edit]


  • Only supporters of the User Group before 27 December 2020 are eligible to nominate themselves and then vote for other nominees.

Details and requirements:

  • Board members would serve for a term of two years, to allow effectiveness of their work.
  • Once chosen, the board will elect up to 3 advisors, who are known for their expertise in specific fields the board will identify as important to enhance.
  • The position would require attending a monthly online meeting, as well as occasional participation in relevant conferences. Board members will be expected to attend the majority of conference calls throughout the year (at least 10 out 12 meetings).
  • As this is a thematic group and some applicants might have additional affiliations in the Wikimedia movement / work for an affiliate, members would serve in their personal capacities, not representing the organizations they are affiliated with or work for.

Instructions for voters[edit]


  • Only the supporters of the User Group before 27 December 2020 are eligible to vote.


  • You can vote support for multiple candidates, but only one vote per candidate.
  • Oppose votes are not allowed.
  • You are invited to use the talk page for discussion and questions to candidates.