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This page is a translated version of the page Wikiarchaeologist and the translation is 40% complete.

A Wikiarchaeologist is a combination of an anthropologist and an archaeologist. The Wikiarchaeologist looks back into the ancient history of articles and other Wikipedia pages, trying to reconstruct the way of life and the nature of conflicts between early Wikipedians. In rare cases, some of the original Wikipedians may still be around today, at which point the wikiarchaeologist may either confront the subject with questions, or sit back and observe the primitive Wikipedian from afar. It is unfortunately extremely rare to find a Wikipedian with completely unevolved views, which has the result of frustrating accurate in-depth research.

More generally, a wikiarchaeologist may examine ancient page histories, typically for the purpose of fixing page histories in cases where cut-and-paste moves have been performed, or simply for curiosity's sake.

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