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Wikicamp Nepal 2018/FAQ

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Hashtag: #WCN2018
Wikicamp Nepal 2018

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 (WCN) is a three day event for experienced and new Wikipedians of Nepal. The main objective of the event is to increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Nepal, develop skills of the new Wikipedians and bring together experienced and newbie Wikipedians. This brought together Wikipedians from Nepali, Maithili, Doteli, Newari (Nepal Bhasha), Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Santali Community as well as 2 emerging Incubator communities - Awadhi and Marwari.
This is first event of its kind being held in Nepal and is intended to become an annual national flagship event for Wikipedia/Wikimedia in the country.

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General Information

What is Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
Wikicamp Nepal 2018 is a three days event of Wikimedia projects contributors and enthusiasts in Nepal. The camp will be held on November 22–24 at the Hotel Simrik, Lahan, Nepal. The program will be devoted to topics concerning the Wikipedia and Wikimedia movement in Nepal, as well as related topics of Wikimedia projects.

What will happen at the Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
At any given time, there will be presentation, talk, panel discussion, workshops, or interactive demonstrations. If you do not want to attend a scheduled presentation then you can go to the chill lounge and do Wikipedia with other people.

Who should attend Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
This camp is open to everyone, but is particularly geared for those who have an interest in Wikipedia, the Wikimedia movement, open knowledge and/or free culture. A primary goal of the WCN is to bring together those with a diversity of experiences and expertise. Any active contributor to a Wikimedia project and/or Wikimedia volunteer in any other capacity, from anywhere in the Nepal, is considered eligible. Participants in other free knowledge, free software, and collaborative and/or educational initiatives are also encouraged to apply.

Do I have to be a Wikipedia editor to attend Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
Yes, you have to be a Wikipedia editor to attend. New contributors with minimum 200 edits are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We invite newcomers to experience the Wikipedia Adventure, a beginner’s introduction to Wikipedia.

Is this event just for Nepali Wikipedia?
This event targets Wikimedians in Nepal, but anyone is welcome to attend, particularly, people interested in Wikipedia and Wikimedia movement. The event will be conducted in Nepali, but those editing other language Wikipedias of Nepal are welcomed to attend.

What is the hashtag to be used for social media?
The hashtag for Wikicamp Nepal 2018 is: #wcn2018.

Venue Information

How do I get to the event venue?
The event venue is located in Lahan, Nepal. It is recommended you take public transportation to reach the event venue- Hotel Simrik.

Will there be food at the WCN 2018?
Yes! A light breakfast, tea, lunch, hi tea and dinner will be served during the Wikicamp Nepal.

Who do I contact for special dietary restrictions?
Please contact wcn2018@gmail.com, if you have any special dietary restrictions. We will try and accommodate your needs.

Will there be WiFi available at the WCN 2018?

Will the event be recorded and live streamed?
We have plans to record the sessions of Wikicamp Nepal 2018.

Is there a code of conduct for the Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
The Safe Space Policy applies to Wikicamp Nepal 2018. All attendees are expected to read and agree to the policy.


How do I apply for a scholarship to attend the Wikicamp Nepal 2018?
See the scholarships page, though the scholarship application period is over.

How do I know if I qualify for a scholarship?
See the scholarships page for more details, but in general, have some history of participation in a Wikimedia project and be ready to describe that to the scholarship committee.