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Wikicat Import Function

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The Wikicat Import Function is a feature allowing the import of bibliographic data into Wikicat from the open catalog servers of such institutions as the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, and the University of California library system, as well as the ONIX data feeds of book industry publishers.


The Import Function will play different roles at each stage of Wikicat's operational lifecycle. During the initial, boot-strap stage, the Import Function will be the sole means of entering data into Wikicat. Once the data entry features of Wikidata- the relational data extension implementing Wikicat- become sufficently mature, the Import Function will switch to a supporting role, helpfully pre-populating input fields in Wikicat data entry forms.

The details of the Wikicat Import Function are divided according to its two major areas of functionality MARC import and ONIX import.

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