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Wikichildren is a project proposed by Gray Porpoise. It could be a comprehensive (containing facts, links to files, definitions, etc.) wiki directed toward young audiences.

Possible Guidelines[edit]


  • No profanity or explicit images, although non-profane usages of certain words may be permitted (i.e. "hell" when referring to the biblical lake of fire)
  • Wording is to be kept simple. There shan't be a Simple English Wikichildren, as the English version would already be written with basic vocabulary.
  • Colorful illustrations and formatting are preferable.
  • Existing policies, such as the NPOV, should be followed.
  • There is no limit to what topics can be written about, as long as the way they are explained is simple. (For example, you can talk about chemical reaction types, as long as you say that one method is for two elements or compounds to "come together to make a new compound" instead of for them to "experience synthesis."

Account types[edit]

Wikichildren would have these types of accounts:

  • Administrators, bots, etc. with powers similar to those on other projects.
  • Adult accounts- These are similar to normal accounts on other projects, with the addition of being able to create child accounts.
  • Child accounts- These accounts can only be created by adult account users. They're intended for children that might abuse the power of adult accounts, and should not be used for sockpuppetry. They have fewer privileges than adult accounts:
    • They can't move pages.
    • They can't edit semiprotected pages.
    • The adult account that created them can prevent them from using talk pages.

However, child accounts do enjoy certain rights:

    • They can't be blocked with an expiry time of infinite unless they are proven to be sockpuppets.
    • They are to be given many warnings before blocking.
    • There can be certain awards intended for child users.
    • Adult accounts can promote child accounts to other adult accounts.
  • IP addresses- To help prevent malicious vandalism, only logged-in users can edit Wikichildren.


  • The site would be prone to sockpuppetry.
  • Easily confused with Wikijunior or another, similar proposal, Wikikids.


We already work on a Wiki for Children aged from 6 to 10. The adress (Of course we started in German!!) shows a possible solution for what you are looking for. We work with different types of accounts: Administrators, Teachers, Children.

The first experiences we made until now, proof what we thought: Childrens in primary school like to use the internet to read, write and learn. A lot of articles you can find are written by kids not in school but at home. Suddenly they start to work not because of being "forced" at school but because they want it. They work at home and "ask for more"...

I only can say: DO IT! The work you do and the time you spend is worth it!!

MArtin Leupold, 16:32, 27 July 2006 (UTC)

How about intergating the concept into Wikipedia? Have a for kids log in page, and then have pages called kids-pluto, for example. This would mean a lot less work in setting one up!

The article on the dog on the english wikipedia is at the link ; so where would the dog kid-article be placed ? For the links, in order to make a link to cat you just have to write [[cat]]. How would it work if it is integrated in wikipedia ? That's would'nt be more simple I guess. Anyway, the aim is for Wikikids to be integrated in wikimedia, (as another project very closed to wikipedia) Astirmays 18:29, 15 October 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I can translate the grundschulwiki to be English, and to be part of wikimedia commons.Nothing444, Dont contact me in metawiki, only in wikipedia! 20:16, 1 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]