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Project name[edit]

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Guide about Editing Punjabi Wikisource

Contact information[edit]

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Name - Hardarshan Singh Benipal

Username - Benipal hardarshan

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your nearest city and country
Khanna, Punjab

Details of team members (optional)
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Name - Jagseer Singh

User Name - Jagseer S Sidhu

E-mail - jagseersidhu98(_AT_)gmail.com

Location - Bagha Purana, District Moga

The activity/project[edit]

Tell us about your proposed project. What will you get achieved with this time?
Describe why you think this project is important, and how the project is different from your normal volunteer contributions.

Punjabi Wikisource is growing gradually, i.e. increasing in content and new users as well. Whenever a reader or new editor comes to Punjabi Wikisource, they are not able to get a clear idea without a virtual or on-site training on how they can start editing on Wikisource. With proper Guide in Punjabi language, new people will be able to self learn how to proofread, validate the works in a simple fashion.

To overcome the lack of on-wiki resources for Punjabi Wikisource, we are going to make written documents and video documentation(If possible) for:

  • How to proofread
  • How to validate
  • How to transclude
  • How to create Author pages
  • How to connect Wikisource pages with Wikidata


The documentation for Punjabi Wikisource is needed to facilitate the newcomers to proofread, validate works and these documents will help them to learn the basic and advanced steps of Wikisource, which will help them gain clear perspective about Wikisource. This will save the time, energy and efforts during the offline/online events.

Your qualifications[edit]

Describe how you (and, if applicable, your team)are able to achieve this project. What skills, expertise, and motivation do you have which will enable you to succeed?

Hardarshan Benipal[edit]

Hardarshan Benipal has been volunteering in the Wikimedia movement since 2014. Currently he is a Bureaucrat in Punjabi Wikisource. He has organized a number of workshops for new volunteers to join our movement and He was Wikisource training officer and community outreach officer as part of Heritage GLAM.

Jagseer Sidhu[edit]

Jagseer Singh is a member of Punjabi Wikimedia User Group. He is working as a Wikimedian-in-residence in a school in Punjab where he engages students on various Wiki Projects. He has created a Punjabi Audiobook with his school students which can be found here. He is working on Punjabi Audiobooks Project which aims to provide stories in audio form. These audio stories will be used on Punjabi Wikisource.

Proposed activity dates[edit]

When will you undertake this project? (This may be two, three or four days. Not necessarily consecutive). The latest allowable date is 1 May 2021.

  1. 1-2 November
  2. Gap of one week for community discussions
  3. 9-10 November


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale here.

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