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Project name[edit]

What is a short name for the activity/project you are proposing? Ghana Histo Cita-thon

Contact information[edit]

your name and/or Wikimedia username
...Faisal Ali/DaSupremo
your contact e-mail
your nearest city and country
...Accra, Ghana

Details of team members (optional)
If this application is for a team project, each additional team member (up to 5 total) should have their name/username, project role, location, and contact details here:


The activity/project[edit]

Tell us about your proposed project. What will you get achieved with this time?
Describe why you think this project is important, and how the project is different from your normal volunteer contributions.
The project intends to project Ghana's independence on Wikipedia using journals, books and newspapers as means of references to new and existing articles. During that time, online activities were not available to capture events that led to the achievement of Ghana's Independence. Newspapers, books and journals were the commonly used for capturing information. Websites were not commonly used during that period so this project seeks to use newspapers etc as citations for articles.

Your qualifications[edit]

Describe how you (and, if applicable, your team)are able to achieve this project. What skills, expertise, and motivation do you have which will enable you to succeed? I will be the lead trainer of the project so I will train new and existing editors of Wikipedia articles. I have over 10,000 edits count on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wiki Commons etc. I was the highest contributor and won an award when I participated in a competition organized by OFWA on two different occasions. I have contributed to articles on Arts and Feminism in Wikidata. I am motivated to train others to help achieve the aim of Wikimedia Foundation which is to make knowledge free and accessible to all.

Proposed activity dates[edit]

When will you undertake this project? (This may be two, three or four days. Not necessarily consecutive). The latest allowable date is 1 May 2021. I will organize four online training session(once a week) for participants from 28 November to 27 December 2020.


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale here.

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