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Project name[edit]

What is a short name for the activity/project you are proposing?

  • A WikiCite Conference session

Contact information[edit]

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Érica Azzellini (EricaAzzellini)

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  • São Paulo, Brazil.

Details of team members (optional)
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  • Érica Azzellini / EricaAzzellini, host - São Paulo, Brazil - erica.azln@gmail.com
  • Célio Costa / Sturm, host - São Paulo, Brazil - celiofcf@yahoo.com.br

The activity/project[edit]

Tell us about your proposed project. What will you get achieved with this time?
Describe why you think this project is important, and how the project is different from your normal volunteer contributions.

  • We're proposing through this scholarship to host a session at the WikiCite Conference. As the conference this year will be held completely online, we think it is a good opportunity to gather people from different locations and backgrounds to share their knowledge related to WikiCite.
  • Our proposal is to gather 4 to 6 speakers in our session to share their projects on data modeling, bibliography and library data.
  • We intend to bring voices from the Global South for the conference and offer a space of dialogue with the broad WikiCite/Wikidata community.
  • The schedule is yet to be confirmed, but for now, we're planning to have a four-hour session in which each speaker will have around 40 minutes to present and discuss their projects with the attendees.
  • The session will occur via StreamYard and will be broadcast on Wiki Movimento Brasil UG channels. Célio and I will prepare the speakers in advance to make sure they are comfortable with the platform.
  • Disseminaton:
    • Over the last couple of years, we developed as volunteers a communications strategy for engaging people to virtually attend WMB's events.
    • Some of the communcation channels we'll use to engage the community: village pumps, mass messaging, the Wikidata newsletter, Telegram groups, Wikidata-related groups on Facebook, Wiki Movimento Brasil social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and Slack channels.

Your qualifications[edit]

Describe how you (and, if applicable, your team) are able to achieve this project. What skills, expertise, and motivation do you have which will enable you to succeed?

  • Célio and I are members of the Wiki Movimento User Group. We are involved as organizers in the Wikidata Lab series - technical trainings on Wikidata related tools.
  • Célio has more than 15 years as a wikimedian on Portuguese Wikipedia. And I was a Wikimedian in Residence at the RIDC NeuroMat in which I developed a research on Computational Journalism, structured narratives and Wikidata.
  • We both have a solid background as Wikimedia event organizers in Brazil. Since the COVID pandemic outbreak, we hosted many edit-a-thons and workshops completely remote. We are already familiriazed with streaming platforms and with engaging the community to attend this kind of event. Beside the event organizer qualities, we also work directly on innovative Wikidata projects, which we think will add in a good content curation for our session.

Proposed activity dates[edit]

When will you undertake this project? (This may be two, three or four days. Not necessarily consecutive). The latest allowable date is 1 May 2021.

  • The session will occur on October 28th.


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale here.